Biden LIED: Top Generals Contradict Claims Made by President Biden


Biden is facing fiery criticism on how he lied about the facts behind the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This comes after top military officials revealed the recommendations they gave, recommendations which contradict prior statements made by the president.

Gens. Milley, McKenzie made damning statements before Congress, revealing how Biden lied to Americans

On Tuesday, General Mark Milley (the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Gen. Frank McKenzie (who supervised the withdrawal of troops) revealed they advised the president to keep at least 2,500 military troops in Afghanistan, even after the August 31 deadline. 

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This declaration made by the generals before Congress contradicts the prior assertion of Biden last month. Biden claimed his military advisers did not recommend leaving a small number of military forces in Afghanistan.

Back in mid-August, Biden was asked in an interview about whether any of his military advisers recommended leaving 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. To this, Biden answered in the negative. He claimed based on what he could recall, no one advised him to leave a small number of troops in the country. 

Gen. McKenzie predicted the collapse of Afghan forces and Afghan government is “inevitable”

However, McKenzie declared he held onto the view that the withdrawal of all U.S. forces in Afghanistan would “inevitably” result in the collapse of the Afghan government and forces. 

Milley added that he agreed to leave a few thousand U.S. troops. However, he claimed that leaving behind U.S. forces in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline would lead to a higher risk of attacks for both U.S. forces and American civilians. 

The general also noted that staying in Afghanistan would have required 15,000 to 20,000 U.S. troops and a strategy to gain control of the airfield. On the other hand, White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to push back against the notion the president misled Americans into believing lies.

Psaki noted the context of the statement made by Biden during the interview was not taken into account. Psaki then claimed Biden made it clear the advice from his top military officials was divided.

Later, the White House press secretary added that in cases where there is a conflict in the advice given, it is apparent that the advice of some others will not be followed. 

The testimonies given by the top U.S. military officials came after the president received fierce criticism and skepticism overseas on how he handled the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Biden was also strongly censured over his failure to foresee how the Taliban could quickly reclaim power in Afghanistan. 

On the other hand, Republicans are attempting to politically capitalize on the reckless execution of the Biden administration. Some are now asking for access to diplomatic messages and intelligence assessments made prior to the withdrawal.