Biden Relies on Liberal Media to Defend Inflation

Joe Biden is relying on the two biggest liberal media outlets, the New York Times, and Washington Post, to propagate the message he is not responsible for the rising oil and gas prices in the country.

Biden relied on liberal media to defend his policies

Speaking to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, Biden noted Russian President Vladamir Putin was behind the rising inflation of almost every commodity in general, and of oil and gas in particular.

These comments came even though inflation in the country rose to record-high levels before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The president tried to criticize Republicans, stating the stoppage of the Keystone energy project is not the primary reason for the upward oil and gas prices.

He picked up some sheets of paper and read, from them, the headline of the New York Times fact-checker. This fact-checker stated Republicans were wrongly blaming Biden for the surging gas prices.

Then, he read the writing of the Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who wrote Biden acted on the advice of Republican lawmakers to ban Russian oil imports, however, the same lawmakers are now chiding him.

The New York Times fact-checker has often touted its liberal stance using anti-Republican content.

Linda Qiu, the fact-check reporter of the Times, wrote a piece saying Republicans have been relying on “incorrect assertions,” while blaming Biden for the persistent inflation in the oil and gas sector.

The writer mentioned the oil and gas price hike is not due to the stoppage of the Keystone project, adding the current wave of inflation did not come before the war.

Likewise, Milbank of the Washington Post was equally vocal against the conservative narrative.

Accusing Republican lawmakers of “leaping” to Russia’s defense, Milbank noted all charges leveled against the president are “bogus.” These types of claims are threats to national security, Milbank continued.

Oil and Gas Inflation Has Made Biden Clueless

Since Biden took charge of the presidency, many oil and gas projects in the country have been stopped, while the White House halted leasing federal lands for oil and gas drilling.

This pushed American oil prices higher, which is directly hitting the pockets of the average American. Not only this, but the oil price surge has also increased inflation ahead of the midterm elections, which left vulnerable Democrats clueless.

While Russia’s hegemony on the global oil market did raise the oil prices worldwide, Republicans believe the lack of energy independence for America is the primary contributor toward surging oil prices.


Biden’s bid to eliminate fossil fuels, while pursuing so-called “green energy,” has led him to hit American domestic oil production to a great extent.

Since coming to the White House, Biden is undermining the drilling potential of America, which will ease oil prices at home by giving people much-needed relief in these tense times.