Biden Scolded by CNN on Border Crisis, Media Transparency

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When the Biden administration ascended into power, they promised to be transparent and open with the American people. This sounded great; however, it’s not something that President Biden or his administration has followed through on. 

With a few more than 60 days into his presidency, things have gotten very bad in Biden’s America. For instance, the Southern border is way out of control with facilities being overwhelmed and children packed together in close, uncomfortable quarters. 

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In a nutshell, the situation at the Southern border is one that Biden and his aides have attempted to sweep under the rug. Ironically, though, the more that this president tries to pretend as though the border crisis isn’t real, the more apparent this crisis becomes. 

Now, even CNN is laying into President Biden’s poor management of the border and lack of transparency, as Breitbart News reports. 

Biden Losing Favor with CNN

As the border crisis gets more and more dangerous, the last thing the Biden administration wants is transparency. This is why the president is not allowing the media into the facilities where children are housed at the Southern border. Americans are only just now seeing the horrific conditions of border facilities housing children because of leaked photos. 

On Monday, CNN host Jake Tapper scolded Biden. Tapper explained that right now, the Biden administration is “struggling” to provide and implement a real solution to the border crisis. Furthermore, the CNN host also explained that Biden, by barring the media from the facilities, is in breach of his promise to remain transparent. 

Thus far, the president’s administration has claimed that the news media currently lacks access due to coronavirus restrictions. However, leaked images of the border facilities show young children packed together with no social distancing. 

A Solution to Kids in Cages

White House aide Jen Psaki has attempted to smooth over the many issues surrounding the Southern border.

Psaki claimed during Monday’s press conference that the White House is working on a timeline to grant the media access. However, Biden already has the reach and power to grant the media access to the border facilities; he’s simply choosing not to do so for political reasons. 

According to the White House, Biden is working to create more housing facilities for migrants. Also, just yesterday, the DHS secretary stated that the Southern border is, in fact, closed. This means that migrant adults and families are not gaining acceptance into the country. 

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