Biden Slammed By Key Ally

Things are not going so well for Joe Biden lately.

He’s just learned that he could possibly be facing off against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election. This poses bad news for Biden’s reelection chances, given that multiple polls show DeSantis defeating Biden.

On top of that, the president just landed in hot water for refusing to acknowledge his granddaughter, Navy Joan, during a recent White House event where he spoke about his grandkids.

Now, Biden is once again taking incoming fire, this time from an organization that’s usually pretty friendly towards him, according to Red State.

Courtesy of the White House Correspondents’ Association

In an interesting twist, the White House Correspondents’ Association sounded off against the president for not appropriately addressing the public regarding the nation’s debt ceiling.

America defaulting on the US debt would bring catastrophic consequences.

Yet, Biden still appears to be dragging his feet for political reasons. This has become so apparent that even groups which would ordinarily be in Biden’s corner are now demanding that he get his act together.

In further remarks, the White House Correspondents’ Association declared the stakes are too high for Biden not to take action and be forthcoming with the public.

Will It Matter?

Unfortunately, the president does not have a history of listening to reason even when it comes from his side of the aisle. In these sorts of situations, Biden has a tendency to either kick the can down the road or ignore it altogether.

Neither is conducive to arriving at a solution that’s in the nation’s best interest. With the 2024 presidential election coming up, this is yet another failure that Biden can be expected to be questioned about.

If he ends up facing off against Ron DeSantis in the general election, the matter will definitely be brought up.