Biden Slammed Texas Abortion Law, Calling It “Un-American”


Biden criticized the recently passed abortion law in Texas, claiming it fosters a “vigilante system.” Biden said this as the law allows private individuals to sue anyone who assisted with an abortion.

The president added that he is tapping the Justice Department to see if they can put a limitation on the actions of the Texas residents executing the anti-abortion law.  

The Supreme Court declined to ban the abortion law

The Supreme Court declined to ban the abortion law in Texas which prohibits women from undergoing the procedure after a heartbeat is detected in the fetus; this usually occurs at around six weeks. The law also allows private citizens to sue persons who aid in the process of abortion after six weeks into pregnancy. 

In addition to this, individuals who are successful in filing a suit against people breaking the law could receive a monetary award of at least $10,000. The Supreme Court’s decision was 5-4, which allowed the abortion law to push through. 

The president also mentioned that the abortion law in Texas is “un-American.” However, Biden says he does not aim this at people who think that life starts at conception. Biden insists that he respects all beliefs, although, he does not talk about them in public. 

Biden continued, stating he was informed there are possibilities in the present law where the Justice Department can look into the matter. The department can inspect if there are actions that can be employed to limit the independent actions of persons administering the abortion law in Texas.

Yet, the president acknowledged that he cannot give a definite answer on whether there’s something he can do about the law, due to lack of information. Biden, however, indicated that a unilateral decision will be made where it is possible to do so. 

Biden also emphasized that the counsels of the White House, as well as the Gender Policy Council, will be launching a full government effort as a form of counteraction to the Texas abortion law.

The abortion law was signed into law last May and took effect on Wednesday

The Texas abortion law was signed by GOP Governor Greg Abbott last May. It took effect on Wednesday, banning the abortion of fetuses as soon as a heartbeat is sensed, which occurs at around six weeks. The only exception in the law was in case of a medical emergency. 

During a press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was likewise asked by a male reporter about the president’s comments on the law, since the Catholic Church is firmly against abortion. 

The press secretary noted that she is aware that the reporter never encountered any of these choices nor has he experienced being pregnant. Psaki continued, saying that for women who were put through in situation, it is difficult. She added that the president maintains his belief that abortion rights should be respected.