Biden SNAPPED at His White House Staffers

Biden got angry at his staff members for regularly correcting him after his speeches. According to the president, the corrections of staffers make him appear unauthentic.

Biden Angry With White House For Correcting Him

Since Biden took office, he has been known to make fake claims and gaffes. This forced White House staffers to cover his mess on multiple occasions.

However, after a series of corrections, Biden finally snapped at his White House staffers. He told them their actions are doing more harm than good, staying it makes him look bad and unauthentic.

The president also claimed these frequent attempts of staff reemphasize narratives of Republicans, particularly the way they question whether he is fit for the presidency.

One of the biggest blunders of Biden came when he called for a regime change in Russia, but then the White House backtracked him immediately.

To defend their side, the White House mentioned that they would not make any clarifications of the remarks made by the president without first having his direct approval.

It should be noted that the latest gaffe of Biden, which the White House walked back, was related to China’s possible invasion of Taiwan.

The gaffe happened during his trip to Japan, where Biden claimed that the American army would defend Taiwan “militarily” if China invaded it.

However, the White House was quick to correct the president, asserting the US policy on China and Taiwan did not change.

Biden’s continuous blunders are worrying bipartisan politicians.

While Democrats believe that these gaffes could harm their candidacies in midterm elections, Republicans suggest the president is now turning out to be a national security threat.

Biden Wants to Get More Credit From the Media

The president also claims that he is not getting the deserving credit from the media on the economic indicators. According to Biden, Republicans are not being blamed the way they should be.

These comments of Biden came at a time when all mainstream media is busy propagating an anti-Republican narrative among the masses. 

NBC News also reported that Biden is angry with Democratic leaders as well, thinking they do not go to the media to defend his presidency.

Not only this, but Biden thought that his low ratings compared to Donald Trump depict a “sore spot.”

Reportedly, Biden is receiving a whole lot of complaints from his party members, so they are hesitant to defend him in the media.

Many Democratic leaders are asking Biden why he is unable to “get anything done.”

These events are also making Biden’s potential reelection in 2024 controversial. No first-time president, as per NBC, wants to face a primary challenge ahead of the reelection process.

However, Biden’s performance may trigger many challenges against him.