Biden Speech Arrives Amid 500K COVID-19 Death Toll

"VP Joe Biden" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by West Point - The U.S. Military Academy

On Monday, the nation learned that U.S. deaths from coronavirus have surpassed 500,000.

Many Americans reacted to this news somberly; however, the past almost-year has shown the nation who is most vulnerable to this virus. The elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems and/or respiratory systems tend to be most at risk. While COVID-19 has tragically claimed other lives, the overall rate of survivability is over 99%.

“500,000 Americans dead from COVID-19” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Thomas Cizauskas

Yesterday, Biden, Harris, the first lady, and first gentleman held a moment of silence to acknowledge the over 500,000 lives lost. On Monday, the 46th president also delivered a speech regarding the new milestone of the COVID-19 death toll, reports Breitbart News.

Biden’s Speech on American Lives Lost to Coronavirus

The Democrat president, in his speech, called for an end to “politics and misinformation” that he attributes as factors in the coronavirus death toll.

Biden then urged Americans not to numb themselves to the loss of life or become indifferent to the death toll. Additional calls to action from this president involved telling the nation to keep socially distancing, wearing face coverings, and to receive the COVID-19 vaccine upon its availability.

Before the president wrapped up his remarks, he stated that America will “smile” and “know joy” again. Despite calling to end “politics and misinformation,” Biden himself is guilty of perpetrating these things; just last week, at a CNN town hall, the president wrongly stated that a coronavirus vaccine didn’t exist prior to his administration.

This assertion is demonstrably false and many Americans called Biden out accordingly.

More News on Lives Lost

When Biden talked about lost lives and the 500K coronavirus death toll, he left out some important details.

The Democrat president failed to acknowledge the suicides that have occurred due to shutdowns. He also failed to mention that many people have lost everything as a result of lockdowns and ongoing social isolation.

The reality is that measures championed by the Democrats are not saving lives. Many people have pointed this out; yet, in Biden’s remarks about this virus, he failed to once mention the Americans who are suffering from the subsequent measures the Democrat Party loves so much.

What did you think about Joe Biden’s speech about the 500K coronavirus death toll? Do you believe the 46th president is guilty of the “politics and misinformation” that he professes to oppose? Let us know down below in the comments section.