Biden Still Under Fire for Keystone Pipeline Permit Removal

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Many blue-collar workers in America are having a tough time right now. Over the past almost-year, employment has taken some serious hits. Joblessness rates continue to reach record highs, per the Labor Department. Although certain places in the nation are gradually opening up, there’s still a lot of work to be done before the economy reaches its pre-COVID-19 position.

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During a time where joblessness is common, the last thing that anyone in power should be doing is eliminating employment, yet this is precisely what the 46th president has done since taking office ten days ago.

Since Biden’s decision to remove the permit allowing Keystone XL pipeline, a worker on the pipeline has shared some choice words for the president, Breitbart News confirms.

A Message from a Now-Unemployed Keystone Pipeline Worker

Neal Crabtree is one of thousands of union workers now out of work, thanks to Biden.

After the announcement that Keystone pipeline would lose its construction permit, Crabtree posted a somber and emotional video on Facebook; the pipeline worker also explained that the 46th president’s decision created a “sickening feeling” and pessimism for the future ahead. Later, Crabtree stated in his video that the removal of the Keystone pipeline permit happened over politics, rather than climate change.

Earlier this week, Crabtree spoke with Fox News about the video he posted online and the loss of his employment. The pipeline worker informed Fox News that he was not only laid off, but his team members were as well.

Crabtree’s remarks on Fox News also involved direct criticism of Biden. The blue-collar worker stated that since oil is already arriving in America, the 46th president’s reference to climate change as a reason for shutting down the pipeline doesn’t add up.

The President of Mass Unemployment

If Biden continues as he’s been, many more Americans will lose their jobs. This isn’t unifying, nor is it in keeping with getting the nation back on track.

Certain Republican governors, such as Greg Abbott of Texas, have already begun to sign certain executive orders to protect blue-collar workers in their states from the whims of Biden. To this day, neither the 46th president nor his administration has answered for the tens of thousands of jobs being crushed in the name of climate change.

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