Biden Takes Responsibility for the Way Things Unfolded in Afghanistan

Social media users reacted to what they call the “defining moment” of Biden’s presidency. This happened in a photo captured during the press briefing in the White House on Thursday. The photo shows Biden with his head tilted down as he receives damning questions from the press.

Biden talked about the bombings in Kabul in the recent press briefing

Another press briefing was held by Biden on Thursday; he talked about the latest bombings in Kabul, claiming the lives of thirteen U.S. Marines and Army soldiers, leaving dozens of others wounded.

During his address, Biden condemned ISIS-K for the violence. He afterward started taking questions from the press. Included therein was a question from Peter Doocy of Fox News, which created the “defining image” of him circulating on social media.

Doocy asked the president if he takes responsibility for what happened in Afghanistan in the past two weeks, to which Biden responded that he bears responsibility for what happened.

However, despite accepting accountability for how things unfolded in the war-torn country, Biden likewise involved former President Trump and the announcement he made to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Biden noted that the former president made a bargain with the Taliban that he would be withdrawing all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by May 1st.

However, this conversation led to a heated exchange between Doocy and Biden where the president proceeded to look down as Doocy asked questions. The image of Biden with his head tilted down was instantly shared all over Twitter.

Multiple people began declaring it as a “defining image” of Biden’s presidency and his administration. Matt Whitlock, a Republican consultant, shared the image on Twitter with the caption, “A defining image”. Anthony Sabatini, a Florida state representative, likewise posted the image, saying that it is time for Biden to resign from his post.

The recent attack claimed the lives of at least 95 Afghan and 13 U.S. troops

Bombings near the international airport in Kabul claimed at least 95 Afghan lives and 13 American troops. According to U.S. and Afghan officials, the attack was the most violent day for the United States forces deployed in Afghanistan since August 2011.

Later on that same day, the U.S. department officials confirmed the death toll at 13, which is comprised of Army soldiers and 10 Marines. Late Thursday, U.S. Defense Department officials said the death toll for U.S. service members remained at 13. One Navy corpsman also was killed, officials said.

However, an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, mentioned on Friday that the death toll for the deadly attack could rise higher; that’s because there were some people who took bodies away from the scene even before they could be counted.

Despite the deadly attack, Biden mentioned on Friday that their mission will continue; Biden pledged that he will bring back home the rest of the Americans and Afghan allies still stuck in the country.

Yet, thousands are still left in the country attempting to escape from the deadly shadow of the Taliban which took control of the country earlier this month, right after the withdrawal of U.S. troops.