Biden Team Currently “Pre-Transition Planning” for White House

Joe Biden’s campaign to become the next president of the United States has been plagued by one embarrassment after the other. Aside from facing multiple sexual assault allegations, the former vice president continues to land himself in hot water with his own words.

Some of the latest examples include the following: Biden’s assertions that black Americans “ain’t black” unless they support him, his failure to remember words while saying them, and his forgetfulness of the Declaration of Independence. There are too many instances to cite, although Biden’s cognitive decline is more than apparent, even to his own team.

Yet, in spite of all this, the Biden camp is putting together a team for transitioning into the White House, reports Fox News. Many people have deemed this move to be quite presumptuous, as if Biden actually stands a chance of defeating Trump.

What to Know About Biden’s “Pre-Transition Planning” for the White House

Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman is presently leading Biden’s “pre-transition planning” team should the former vice president win the election in November. The Democrat senator issued a statement claiming that Biden would acquire a “global health pandemic” along with the worst economy since the Great Depression as president.

Therefore, Kaufman and others are focusing on reading Biden for the presidency, despite his 0% chance of beating Trump. Notable parts of the Democrat nominee’s transition team involve assigning individuals to national security and day-to-day positions, along with other positions.

As Biden’s team works on putting together a transition crew, the former vice president himself continues taking aim at Trump on Twitter. This comes after Trump’s 2020 campaign releasing an ad that highlights Biden’s absent fortitude and increasingly declining mental faculties.

Do you think Biden’s 2020 election campaign is acting prematurely? Do you think there will ever be a Biden transition into the White House? Sound off with your take down below in the comments section.