Biden THREW Border Officials Under the Bus


Border officials are furious at the Biden administration for its faulty approach against them amid the recent Haiti immigration crisis.

The episode has sparked anger among the officials, as they feel like they have been thrown under the bus by the Biden administration.

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Jon Anfinsen Blamed Biden for Throwing Border Officials “Under the Bus”

The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, Jon Anfinsen, portrayed the feelings prevalent amongst border officials these days. He said border agents are feeling betrayed by all levels of government because they are facing backlash without any investigation.

He clarified they are feeling thrown under the bus as the president already declared they will pay for whatever happened in the unfortunate episode. Likewise, he also showed dissatisfaction over remarks of CBP’s commissioner.

The VP busted the fake news against the border officials, saying the allegations of whipping people are baseless. He also said they simply do not carry any whips; instead, they carry reins which were not used to whip anybody.

Biden Did Not Entertain Requests for Additional Resources from the Union

Anfinsen criticized the present administration for being careless about the situation at the border. In one of his other TV appearances, he also unveiled the inefficiency of the Biden administration for not responding to the requests of border officials for additional resources in June.

The crisis at the southern border was predictable, and the union asked the administration to provide resources for crisis management on June 1. However, the officials did not take any assertive action to endorse the request, resulting in the current crisis.

Jon Anfinsen likewise busted the criticism over border officials were using horses for border protection in today’s world. While doing so, he clarified that horses are being used to reach the areas that are difficult to protect otherwise.

Furthermore, Anfinsen also discussed that people are likely to go away immediately when they see big animals coming their way. This could result in the use of less force against immigrants, which is the ultimate goal. 

He called out Biden for deflecting the blame onto the people who were busy doing their jobs. The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council also blamed the president and his administration for fueling the crisis at the border by releasing immigrants into the United States.

Doing so, Anfinsen claimed when immigrants see some of them have successfully managed to reach the US, they feel encouraged and more people start coming, which worsens the crisis.

Meanwhile, many border officials remain vulnerable to losing their jobs amid the recent crisis. However, to rescue them, Texas Governor Greg Abbott already said he would hire all the border officials who become the victims of Biden’s inefficiency.

On Sunday, Abbot clarified the state of Texas has a job for every border official, in case they lose their current jobs.