Biden Trying to Curb Public Debate on National Security Issue

Republican lawmakers blamed the Biden administration for evading accountability over the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden is avoiding public discussion on Afghanistan failure

According to Republicans, there is no point in hiding what happened from the general public. Americans deserve to know the reality.

The hearing, which lasted for over three hours, came after a shocking report in The Atlantic magazine. This report exposed the ineptitude of the Biden administration while withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

As per the newly released reports, the Biden administration made some incredibly important decisions at the eleventh hour, including how they would handle mass evacuation at airports.

This promoted several chaotic scenes as 13 US soldiers, alongside dozens of Afghan civilians, died during the whole episode. This enraged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Almost six months down the line, the Biden administration is not taking accountability, Republicans believe.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri spoke to the Washington Times after the hearing, noting this is a clear attempt to evade public scrutiny. Hawley claimed since this is the worst foreign policy failure of America since the Vietnam war, a public debate is necessary.

However, Hawley stated that the government is eye washing people by claiming it has learned its lessons; in reality, the lessons will only be learned if a public conversation is initiated.

Jim Inhofe, a GOP senator who is a ranking Republican on the Armed Services panel, suggested the testimony of both top officials lacked some basic information.

This missing information covers how the pullout was planned and what the steps taken by the government were after the withdrawal to resist any potential terror attack from Afghanistan on the United States.

Biden failed to stand by his words

The administration failed to bring home stranded Americans and Afghans who helped US forces over the years back to the country. Since then, lawmakers from both parties have lambasted the president for denying the process and not standing by his words.

Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat senator from Connecticut, stated he is extremely dissatisfied with the approach of the Biden administration for not bringing Afghan allies into the United States.

According to him, those who put their lives at risk for the safety of American troops are being neglected badly by the government.

At the Pentagon, some officials have refused to buy a narrative that the administration was ill-informed about the danger of leaving the war-torn country hurriedly.

John Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman, noted everyone was working throughout the summer and especially in August to manage an orderly evacuation.

Meanwhile, since the US withdrawal, Afghanistan has been pushed into a massive humanitarian crisis. The Defense Department noted that large-scale food scarcity is being developed in the country.