Biden Used FAKE Claims To Prove His Narrative

Joe Biden’s obsession with quoting incorrect numbers continued as he made more fake claims to prove his narrative. Whereas this time, Twitter immediately fact-checked Biden’s claims to expose his misleading propaganda meant to impress Americans.

Twitter Fact-Checked Biden’s False Job Creation Claims

During his presidential campaign, Biden claimed guns killed nearly 150 million Americans since 2007. This number roughly makes up almost half of the American population. Though Biden does not seem to learn from his mistake even after winning the presidency.

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On the weekend, Biden appreciated the U2 band for selling the most number of albums ever. U2, which is among the Kennedy Center honorees, sold 150 albums, according to Biden. Biden wrongly quoted the number, but he failed to realize he made inaccurate claims.

Previously, Biden used to easily get away with his senseless claims, due to the suppression of free speech on Twitter. However, since Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, the platform is itself giving fact-checks to Biden.

Recently, Biden claimed he created 10.5 million jobs since assuming the White House. In reality, 10.5 million people rejoined their jobs once coronavirus lockdowns were lifted.

Twitter immediately raised a red flag on Biden’s false jobs claim.

Once Biden posted the status, Twitter wrote below his post that users were adding context related to Biden’s status. According to Twitter’s fact-check, only 1.4 million jobs have been created in the American economy since 2020.

In a separate status, Biden posted a graph related to his same false job creation claim. Twitter also called out Biden on the misleading graph, noting that new jobs were created due to the lifting of COVID restrictions.

These job creation claims of Biden came at a time when businesses were grappling with the harmful consequences of Biden-enforced lockdowns.

Biden Has a Habit of Making Gaffes

If Biden’s logic is to be believed, Trump created more than 12 million jobs this way.

Even if Biden’s words about job creation are considered true, Trump created more jobs, but Biden had a different definition of job creation back during the time of Trump’s presidency.

While Biden continues to make embarrassing gaffes, the White House is forced to walk back his comments.

For instance, Biden recently claimed he is aiming to ban semi-automatic guns in America, which urged many critics to slam the president. However, the White House clarified Biden was talking about banning assault weapons.

Biden is not making numerical gaffes only. In fact, he is messing up with America’s foreign policy as well, due to his gaffes.

For example, he wrongly pronounced the name of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, as “Macrone” with the rhyme of “alone.” Likewise, Biden called France “Frank,” during Macron’s first visit to the USA after Biden’s inauguration. 

Earlier this year, Biden addressed South Korean president “Yoon” as “Moon,” apparently confusing the current South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol with the former president, Moon Jae-in.