Biden Used Private Gmail Account to Leak Government Information


The laptop of Hunter Biden that was seized by the FBI back in December 2019 continued to release shocking details; this comes amid a new report that Biden used a personal Gmail account to send sensitive government information to his son, Hunter Biden.

The email exchange contains government information from state departments and other government entities

According to a new report, Biden used a personal Gmail account during his term as the vice president. He used the email to forward government information to his notorious foreign-deal-making son, and would even sign “Dad” to the emails. 

Although some of the email exchanges were personal messages between the father and son, others were more political in nature and related to business matters. Some information forwarded by the personal Gmail account pertains to emails from senior White House officials, State Departments, as well as other government entities.

For instance, the personal email forwarded to Hunter Biden is an email from the U.S. Embassy in Istanbul putting in detail the release of Martin O’Conner from detention.

The email that was sent to the office of Vice President Biden was then forwarded to the private email of Joe Biden by his aide Colin Kahl; Kahl is now sitting as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy under the Biden administration. After the email was sent to the private email, it was afterward forwarded by then-Vice President Biden to his son.

Meanwhile, the existence of the personal email address of Biden was confirmed by the former senior official under the Obama administration. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the former official stated that some Obama officials are aware of the existence of Biden’s personal email.

They would even use it from time to time, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken who would have emails sent to the personal account. The former official continued, confirming that he saw it used by Biden when talking to his family and friends…and particularly when forwarding government information to them.

Biden’s personal email tells the same story as Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Other than establishing the fact that Biden forwarded government details to Hunter, the news also raised a number of questions relating to federal law. It was thereafter related to the case of Hillary Clinton.

Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch said that under the President Records Act, Biden is required to have the emails in his personal account forwarded to the National Archives to ensure handled properly; included in his accountabilities are the emails that were
forwarded to Hunter Biden.

Fitton then added that the existence of Biden’s personal email could be the reason why the Obama administration was shielding Hillary Clinton from accountability.

Meanwhile, the White House ignored questions asking for comments about the issue. A lawyer for Hunter Biden, George Mesires, was also quiet when he was asked for comments.