Biden Vows to Pass Spending Package With No Clue

Despite Sen. Joe Manchin’s refusal to vote for the social spending bill, Joe Biden said he can still get the bill passed in Congress.

Meanwhile, the residents of West Virginia, a heavily red state from where Manchin is elected, have appreciated the senator standing against the spending package.

Biden hoping to pass a social spending bill without Manchin

On Tuesday, Joe Biden expressed optimism he would soon find common ground with Manchin, ignoring the fact the senator already derailed the package a couple of days ago.

Biden noted he wanted to make things happen, and there is still a possibility he could pass the bill from Congress.

However, the president did not tell how can he pass the bill without the support of Manchin at a time when all Republicans are already standing against the package.

Likewise, Biden used the floor to sell his social safety bill, giving the example of parents who have children they can’t pay for.

He said for these sorts of people who cannot afford housing, rent and, have no savings at all, the social spending package would reduce prices.

West Virginians appreciated Manchin’s stance on Biden’s agenda

Manchin belongs to a red state which Trump won by almost 40 points in the 2020 election.

Thus, he has often asserted he would not vote for any bill which he cannot explain to his constituents.

A West Virginian woman noted she supported Manchin in his opposition to the bill, noting the bill could not help the state.

Likewise, the woman stated the bill would increase taxation on her and other residents of the state, for which she could not support the bill.

Another West Virginian resident told Fox News she supports Manchin “120%,” saying the state has been suffering from Biden’s policies, so the role of Manchin in opposing the bill is appreciative.

Many other West Virginians declared the same, noting Biden is directing public money in the wrong direction.

Seeing Manchin’s rigid stance against the bill, Senate Democrats convened an emergency meeting Tuesday night.

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, wrote to his fellow Democrats, stating everyone in the caucus was highly disappointed and frustrated by Manchin’s behavior.

In addition to this, he indicated the Senate will soon start voting for the bill and continue doing so until the agreement is reached with Manchin.

Schumer also claimed the Senate would vote for ending the filibuster, an act which itself is impossible without Manchin’s support.

Meanwhile, progressives are on the front line in criticizing Manchin for not supporting the package.

Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, noted Manchin “betrayed” Biden, congressional Democrats, and Americans.

In addition to that, she lambasted Manchin that he often claims to be a man of his word, but he could not be trusted anymore.