Biden Wants Half of All New Vehicles Electric by 2030

On Thursday, Biden boasted about his recent executive order in a press event; he stated that his drive for a clean car supersedes the “blue-collar blueprint” of building America back. 

Biden claimed 90% of the jobs created by the infrastructure plan do not require a bachelor’s degree

In the press event, Biden mentioned that many people feel they are being left behind in an industry and economy that is changing rapidly. However, Biden mentioned that they are not going to leave anyone behind; he claimed that almost 90% of the jobs that are needed in the infrastructure plan do not demand a bachelor’s degree to be hired.

Biden then praised the leaders of GM, Ford, and Stellantis, together with the union head of United Auto Workers, for agreeing to push their sales for electric cars by 40% to 50% by the year 2030. 

The Biden administration also intends to build incentive programs, not only for those who are buying electric cars, but also for those who are buying union-made and American vehicles. 

Biden then claimed that this executive order will set in motion the key features of the Build Back Better plan; this will occur via creating a nationwide network of 500,000 charging stations all over the country and boosting the manufacturing capabilities of the U.S. for American-made merchandise. 

Biden also added that the country needs to invest more in the production of semiconductors and batteries; this, he says, is needed to prevent shortages and reliance on foreign countries that impeded auto manufacturers. 

Biden claimed that China is the fastest growing and biggest market for electric vehicles

In addition to his announcement, the president also claimed that at present, China is leading the race. Biden added that at least 80% of the manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles is done in China. 

The president then claimed that the universities and carmakers in the United States “led” the technological advancement of batteries and there is no reason why the country cannot reclaim their former leadership. However, Biden claimed that Americans have to move fast. 

Meanwhile, according to reports, the executive order will launch further the advancement of fuel efficiency for the long term, as well as emission standards. The administration added that this move will allegedly save some consumers gas costs and cut pollution. 

The White House officials, however, clarified that the standards set by the executive order will apply only to “light vehicles,” such as cars, pickup trucks, SUVs; later on, the standards will be improved to apply for “medium” as well as “heavy duty” vehicles.

The officials added that with the support of the United Auto Workers (and partnering with the White House on this plan), they believe they can establish continued leadership of America in clean transportation by means of innovation of electric vehicles and manufacturing.