Biden Will Not Release Visitor Logs from His Delaware Home

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that Biden will not be releasing the visitor log on his residence in Delaware; this news comes despite Biden taking 17 flights home within six months. 

The decision not to disclose the visitor logs comes despite claiming that the Biden administration will restore the trust and transparency in government. This includes the resumption of the release of White House visitor logs.

Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration will not release visitor logs

During her daily press briefing on Wednesday, Psaki responded to a question from the Washington Post asking whether the president would publish the visitor logs in his residence in Delaware; this is including his relatives who could potentially have a conflict of interest.

Psaki answered that she can confirm that they will not be releasing the information with regard to the incoming, outgoing visits of Biden’s grandchildren or those who visited him in his home in Delaware. Meanwhile, transparency advocates mentioned that rules in relation to visitor log in the White House apply the same way to those who visit the president at his homes. 

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told the Washington Post that the exception made by Biden at his home “makes a mockery” of the claims of transparency regarding visitor logs by the White House. Fitton added that it is easy to avoid the so called transparency that they are promising by not declaring visitor logs in Biden’s homes. 

The president of the Judicial Watch also added that if the Biden administration is taking the position that the visitor logs should be shared with the public, they should be implementing it in his residence. He added that the Biden presidency does not stop whenever Biden is visiting his residence in Delaware.

Fitton later said the president is probably doing work in his residence. Thus, Americans have an interest to learn who is visiting the president in Delaware. He then posed a question, asking whether it is the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who is visiting his dad or one of the business partners that Hunter had. 

Biden is expected to have his 18th and 19th trip to Delaware within six months

Next week, the president is expected to have his 18th and 19th presidential trips to Delaware. In most instances, Biden stays at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. However, on some occasions, he also visits his vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 

It can be noted that previously, the Biden administration applauded itself for bringing back the partial release of visitors logs of the White House, which ended during the Trump administration. Biden then called the practice of the former administration, a “phony transparency,” due to withholding of visitor logs entries. 

In May, Biden mentioned that these logs provide the public a better look at the people visiting and leaving the White House vicinity for appointments, official business, or tours. The remarks made by Biden back then made a good impression, as he vowed to restore “transparency”, “integrity”, and “trust” to the U.S. government.