Biden Wins Endorsement from Another Establishment Democrat

"Hillary Clinton" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The Democrat establishment has chosen to carry Joe Biden on its back, despite his plethora of issues. From Tara Reade’s credible and vivid rape allegation to Biden’s tendency to stammer, misspeak, and lose his train of thought, to cite the former vice president’s 2020 candidacy as troubled is an understatement.


Hillary Clinton, a twice-failed presidential candidate and one of the most infamous members of the Democrat establishment endorsed Biden earlier this week. According to Breitbart News, Clinton’s endorsement arrived during a virtual town hall about how coronavirus impacts women.

Biden and Clinton’s supposed concern for women comes amid new developments which solidify Reade’s claims that Biden forced himself on her in 1993.

The Latest Endorsement of Biden’s Campaign

During the town hall about women and COVID-19, Clinton professed her interest in joining the list of Democrats who have endorsed Biden’s candidacy. The two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate also stated that Biden will unite Americans; this assessment comes despite the former vice president’s track record of lashing out at voters on campaign trails, prior to coronavirus.

Biden, of course, ate up the endorsement. The presumptive Democrat nominee completely gushed over Clinton, noting his elation over support from “a woman who should be president.” During their talks about coronavirus, neither Clinton nor Biden talked about the woman accusing Biden of rape.

The Real Impact of Coronavirus

If Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden sincerely cared about how COVID-19 impacts women, they would pay more attention to the 26 million people who have lost their jobs thus far. Millions of those people are women who would love to get back to work; however, the encouragement of work and self-sufficiency flies in the face of the Democrat agenda.

The so-called town hall with Clinton and Biden was nothing more than a virtual video op for Democrats to make themselves look good and pretend as if they were doing something meaningful.

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