Biden’s Address to the Nation Was “Too Hot” and “Too Much”


Biden’s Afghanistan speech is receiving heightened criticism from previous government speechwriters and experts; these people are noting that the president’s speech was extremely defensive, “too hot” and “too much.”

Biden continuously blames Trump and Afghan forces for the disaster and deaths in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, a day after the U.S. completely withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, Biden gave a fiery address to the nation, claiming he was taking “full responsibility” for the withdrawal of American forces in Afghanistan.

Despite taking accountability for the disaster, Biden continued to throw the blame for the deaths and chaos to former President Donald Trump and to the Afghan forces. Ari Fleischer, who used to work as the White House press secretary under George W. Bush’s administration, criticized Biden for what he called “deeply flawed” judgment.


Fleischer noted that Biden’s address on Tuesday was “too defensive.” The president was shouting almost every single word in his speech; it sounded excessively angry and it was too much.

The former press secretary also emphasized the fact that no speech can solve the huge problem that Biden is facing; he noted that Biden bungled the removal of U.S. forces and left Americans in Afghanistan.

Fleischer added that Biden gave his word, but then, he broke it. The president’s speech and his policies reveal how his judgment remains “deeply flawed.” According to the former chief speechwriter of ex-Attorney General Bill Barr, the president’s speech was incoherent; it also failed to start collective healing.

Dr. Jonathan Bronitsky, who previously worked as a chief speechwriter for former Attorney General Bill Barr, likewise noted the “incoherence” in Biden’s speech. He added the way the president delivered his address came across as rather harsh and “defensive”.

Bronitsky said the inability of the president to control his voice during his speech made his message sounding abrasive. He also mentioned how the speech sounded more like a rant in a “freshman’s term paper,” due to its apparent incoherence. 

Biden’s message failed to start the public’s collective healing and rebuilding

The former chief speechwriter also emphasized how America is mourning as a nation and people are looking for leadership. Although, quite frankly, Americans are ashamed of the utter display of weakening American power and undirected aims of the White House. 

He likewise claimed that the “consoler-in-chief” had enough time to put together the speech made on Tuesday; however, his message still failed to start the process of collective healing and rebuilding, Bronitsky said.

He added that in public statements such as the ones that Biden made, it is important to acknowledge failure in full. It’s necessary to clearly set out the next steps and then conclude the speech by giving out forward-looking and positive insight for improvement.

However, the president did not offer any of these. 

Beverly Hallberg, the District Media Group president, likewise stated that the way Biden raised his voice throughout his address (and made facial expressions) did not harmonize with the message he was trying to deliver.

Hallberg also noted that Biden’s words were offensive because, despite the deaths and chaos that ensued, Biden still praised himself for making the biggest airlift evacuations.