Biden’s Administration is Spying on Americans

Biden’s so-called disinformation board collapsed, amid public backlash. However, the federal government is still surveilling Americans in one form or another under its big government policy.

Federal Government Spying Is In Full Force

Once Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) came into the spotlight, it faced massive scrutiny from Americans.

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Republicans sarcastically called it the “Ministry of Truth.” Amid pressure, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas vowed not to monitor Americans under the board.

Resultantly, the administration paused the board; the director of the entity, Nina Jankowicz, even resigned. Now, DHS is stating it is “reviewing” the board.

However, Mayorkas’ claims of not monitoring Americans are far from the truth, as several instances of federal government surveillance of Americans suggest otherwise.

For instance, this February, the Biden administration issued a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, which mentioned misleading narratives as one of the most pervasive domestic security threats.

As per the bulletin, the US is facing a security threat.

Any entity which tries to restrain public trust in government institutions will be curbed. Likewise, the new policy claimed the online proliferation of “false” narratives is undermining American interests.

This approach of the federal government was a classical case study to use the power to suppress online freedom of speech at a time when social media giants were already inclining towards Democrats’ narratives.

Americans Spied on by Democrats

James Clapper, who acted as the director of national intelligence in the Obama administration, also pursued spying tactics to monitor Americans.

During his Senate hearing, he was asked if his agency was collecting any data regarding Americans.

Concerning this, Clapper replied, “no.” Three months down the line, Edward Snowden, the former contractor of the agency, revealed documents that suggested Clapper lied to the Senate.

His agency was collecting domestic call records and various other internet communications protocols.

The CIA is also involved in spying on Americans en masse. 

Two members of the Senate intelligence committee, Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich, have previously indicated the intelligence agency is operating a secret collection program without the consent of Congress or the court.

The ambitions of Attorney General Merrick Garland in the famous school board memo tell a similar story of spying. In the memo, the administration wants to spy on parents who stand up for their children’s rights.

These threats against parents were confirmed when a Montana attorney issued a new memo in which law enforcement was empowered to contact the FBI if parents tried to “annoy” the school board. 

Amid public backlash, both Biden and Garland distanced themselves from Montana’s memo, as it was directly related to curbing fundamental human rights.

The attorney general even assured Congress the memo would not be used to target people who differ from the administration’s policies.

Even though the government claimed not to use the memo to threaten parents, several investigations have already been launched against parents who opposed federal government policies of mask and vaccine mandates, among other such things.