Biden’s “Back-Breaking Bill” will Destroy the US Economy

John Barrasso, a Republican senator from Wyoming, blasted Biden for promoting his social spending bill in times of chronic inflation in America.

He also chastised the president for his COVID vaccine mandate, calling it a “monumental overreach.”

Biden is extending his authority by mandating vaccines

Famously known as Wyoming’s doctor, Barrasso noted he is pro-vaccine, as a doctor, but does not recommend any vaccine mandate, as it creates hesitancy in people.

Likewise, he noted the president is dividing the country with these vaccine mandates, with some governors even including booster doses to be fully vaccinated.

The senator told Fox News despite having ten million job vacancies in the US, Joe Biden is forcing people to leave their jobs, which is further straining the markets.

Discussing COVID casualties under Biden’s presidency, Barrasso added more people died now in Biden’s tenure than throughout the whole year of 2020.

Biden’s social spending package is a “back-breaking bill” to kill the U.S. economy

While discussing the partisan social spending bill, Barrasso criticized Biden, saying he has become a “mad hatter” to promote his Build Back Better agenda.

Labeling it as a “back-breaking bill,” the senator said the legislation would only increase the overall debt of the country.

The GOP senator also criticized Biden for continuously claiming the social spending bill will cost America nothing, despite the fact it will tax Americans unprecedentedly and add to inflation.

Busting Democrats’ narrative that the social spending bill will not add debt, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently concluded the bill would add nearly $160 billion to the national debt over the next decade.

Calling Biden’s agenda “Alice in Wonderland,” Barrasso noted Biden wrongly claimed only those making more than $400,000 per year would pay additional taxes.

In truth, every two out of three average Americans are going to pay additional taxes after this plan.

Trace Gallagher, host of the Fox News program, asked Barrasso why he opposes the social spending package when the bill gives 30,000 people in Wyoming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Responding to this, Barrasso said the state’s spending and income every year needs to to be managed to avoid a budget deficit. Thus, it is impossible for him to support a program that adds to the debt of the national exchequer.

The GOP senator also chastised the partisan nature of the bill, saying the legislation is all about Democrats. Meanwhile, the actual cost of the bill is about $4 trillion, for which no Republican will vote in favor.

After CBO’s report of the potential increase in debt due to the social spending bill, Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat senator, once again raised his concerns against the spending spree.

This adds to the worries of Democrats, as they are likely to fall short of the required votes when the bill comes to the Senate soon.