Biden’s Border Policies Creating a Golden Opportunity for Another 9/11


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warned the White House administration on Tuesday their border policies are creating a unique golden opportunity for terrorist organizations to stage another 9/11 attack.

Illegal Immigrants Released into the US Mainland Territory

The Biden administration cleared the border facility just before Senator Graham’s visit to the Yuma sector of the border. This prompted a remark from the senator that Border Patrol agents would love to see him every week, as the administration tried to sort out the border because of his visit.

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However, the GOP senator voiced his disappointments with the Democrats’ policy of open borders, saying the US picks up people from almost 80 countries.

Recently, two terrorists from Yemen were arrested, which also signifies these extremist elements are looking towards the US open borders. He alarmed the ruling party that it is easy for the likes of Al-Qaeda and like-minded groups to come over the US southern border and integrate themselves with immigrants.

Likewise, Graham claimed the border officials told him the terror threat coming from the US southern border is increasing day by day. The Republican senator visited Yuma on Monday.

Just before his visit, the facility carrying illegal immigrants was emptied. It is widely believed the administration released them into the US mainland territory to save face with the GOP senators.

Arizona is Becoming Texas, Regarding Poor Border Control

Graham appreciated the Border Patrol forces doing an impossible job on the demand of the president. He claimed the border facility is made for 500 people, and the Biden administration was keeping at least 5,000 people in them.

He further noted that despite emptying the facility upon his arrival, there were still nearly 1,000 people present in it. The senator insisted in the last year alone, there has been a 1,300 percent increase in the illegals crossing in the Yuma sector, which depicts the poor policy approaches of the incumbent administration.

Likewise, he said in the whole of 2020, only 8,000 people were apprehended, while until this week, in the same sector, nearly 114,000 immigrants have been apprehended. Graham is worried about the changing situation in Arizona, which made him say Arizona is slowly becoming Texas with regard to the Border Patrol.

Meanwhile, the new incentive announced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will allow illegal immigrants to stay longer in the United States. As per the new directive, the department is incentivizing illegal immigrants to sue employees who are discriminating against them in the workforce.

Sen. Graham chastised the administration on the newly announced policy, saying it is yet another signal to welcome illegal immigrants into the United States. He noted this directive would serve the purpose of portraying the notion the US is ready to open up its borders again.