Biden’s Clandestine Operations: Transporting Illegal Immigrants Into the US

The Biden administration is conducting clandestine operations, transporting illegal immigrants into the interiors of the United States in the dead of the night. 

Biden administration secretly transporting illegal immigrants into the US since August

Planeloads of minor immigrants are being secretly flown into suburban New York. This is occurring in an effort by the Biden administration to secretly resettle migrants across the United States. 

The secret flights (originating in Texas where the overwhelming border crisis happens) have apparently been occurring since August this year. Furthermore, the New York Post made the reports last week, after seeing two charter planes land at the airport in Westchester County. 

According to the report by the Post, most of the passengers who got off the plane seemed to be minors – children and teens. After landing at the airport, the underage migrants were crammed into buses and transported into different parts of the region.

Records show these clandestine operations happen when the voluntary curfew is in effect, particularly between 12 midnight until 6:30 in the morning. 

Biden administration not giving Americans the most basic information on what the White House is doing in resettling illegal immigrants

The “secret” operations being conducted by the Biden administration are raising multiple questions about what the White House is doing. This particularly regards how the White House is dealing with the ongoing surge of unaccompanied minors at the border. 

A woman who lives near Westchester airport stated flights would usually arrive at around 3 am or 4 am in the morning. The woman also noted these flights are “shaking her house” and waking up her 8-month-old baby. 

The woman then remarked for the last month (around 2 am to 4 am), her baby would wake up because of the noise. She also said although she’s used to the usual airport noises she hears, the sound of the jets that arrive in the early morning are louder. The timing of their arrival also stands out and is very unusual. 

Another resident near the airport stated she can see a few buses hanging around the airport with an “Out of Service” sign. This resident then added that these buses are not the usual airport shuttles that she would see at the terminal. 

On the other hand, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis voiced his concerns about the findings made by the Post.  

Christina Pushaw, the spokeswoman for the Florida governor, stated if the Biden administration is assured about the immigration policies they’re setting in the country, they should not be running these operations secretly in the dead of night.

Pushaw also highlighted how the Biden administration refuses to share with the American people the most basic report on how illegal immigrants are being resettled into communities throughout the nation.