Biden’s Education Department Terminated Controversial Parents Council 

The US Department of Education has dismantled its newly created National Parents and Families Engagement Council, which was supposed to advance a left-leaning narrative among students.

Recently, different parents’ groups sued the council for its political biases, claiming that the council is controlled by progressive individuals.

Biden Succumbed to Parents’ Rights Groups

In June this year, the US Education Department launched a council, suggesting the new body will help parents participate in their children’s education.

The Education Department claimed the newly created council would help parents understand how schools are providing social, academic, and mental health support to students. Now, the page of the council has been removed from the Education Department’s website.

However, different parents’ rights groups, including America First Legal, Fight for School, and Parents Defending Education, sued the Department of Education in July. The lawsuit stated the organization is politically motivated and violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed the members of the council disproportionately support Democrats, adding nearly 80% of leaders of the participating organizations donated to left-leaning causes.

According to the lawsuit, the council should have equal representation from both ends of the political spectrum so it can fairly recognize the needs of the students without any political biases.

The lawsuit pressured the Biden administration to the extent that it decided to permanently disband the council. Meanwhile, the parents’ rights groups have also decided to withdraw their lawsuit after the decision of the Biden administration.

Some of the notable organizations included in the council were National Action Network, Mocha Moms Inc, Unidos US, and United Parent Leaders Action Network.

While the National Action Network belongs to radical-left congressman Al Sharpton, the rest of the organizations support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another Effort to Politicize Education Department Failed

Nicole Neily, the president of Parents Defending Education, stated the Biden administration has made a commendable effort by disbanding the council since parents should never be used to promote progressive policies.

While parents should have a voice in the education of their children, every point of view should be respected equally while crafting any educational policy, Neily added.

After the termination of the council, the Education Department asserted the council was not motivated to promote any political ideology.

Now, the department will continue to connect with parents via town halls and other alternate means, the Education Department noted in a statement.

The Biden administration has long tried to undermine parents’ role in their children’s education.

Firstly, left-leaning activists tried to eliminate the role of parents in their children’s education. Though as the administration faced scrutiny from multiple parent groups, it decided to create a council.

However, the political biases of the council offended nearly all the independent parent groups, which decided to sue the Education Department for its political biases.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.