Biden’s Efforts to Empower China Exposed

Gas prices touched a new high during Memorial Day weekend, as the nationwide average for one gallon of gas reached $4.61.

GOP Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida argued Biden is trying to sell out America to China via more reliance on renewable energy and eliminating fossil fuels.

Biden Striving to Empower China

While speaking on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Congressman Byron Donalds noted Biden’s economic policies are “disastrous” and aim to “empower China.”

The congressman was referring to Biden’s attempt to appease China by abandoning some landmark projects to mitigate the so-called damaging impacts of climate change.

On the top of these projects was the Keystone XL oil pipeline project which Biden canceled on his very first day in office with an executive order. Likewise, he also banned giving oil and gas permits on federal lands.

Although the administration resumed the leasing of federal lands at revised rates on court orders, the government is challenging the court’s decision to terminate the leasing once again.

Donalds suggested the Biden administration is clueless about reversing its “crazy agenda” of bringing oil and gas prices higher.

Donalds further asserted the government would keep on increasing these prices by pursuing the radical Green New Deal. That’s because Democrats are not worried about helping working-class Americans.

Amid the prevailing oil and gas crisis, Biden is touring Japan, where he stated the world is going through an “incredible transition.”

The president added that oil prices will come down if, “god willing,” the world moves towards fewer fossil fuels.

Biden Snatching Food from Americans

According to Donalds, Biden’s vision of more reliance on renewable resources empowers China.

This is due to the fact the communist country would continue to rely on fossil fuels anyway, thus beating the US in economic production.

Due to these policies of Biden, most Americans are not only struggling to put oil in their tanks, but also the food on their tables, Donalds added.

While inflation reduced a bit last month, as per Labor Department data, the numbers are still worrying economists.

Last month, food prices increased significantly, which is the most worrisome part of inflation for economists. So, Donalds noted food inflation is happening because fertilizers are the “derivatives of oil.”

He continued, saying that getting fertilizer with windmills or solar panels is impossible; the administration would still have to rely on oil to bring food inflation down.

These oil crises are perhaps the most apparent challenge faced by Democrats moving forward in the 2022 midterm elections.

As voters are now fed up, Biden is distancing himself from the oil inflation crisis. He has repeatedly blamed the ongoing inflation on Russian President Putin, as he coined the term “Putin price hike” to describe the price surge.

This made him a laughingstock on the internet, as the hashtag “#PutinPriceHike” went viral on Twitter to mock Biden.