Biden’s Health Evaluation in Crisis, Key Test Missing

On Thursday, President Biden underwent a physical examination that reportedly revealed him to be in good physical health and energetic. However, some medical professionals noted the president’s doctor did not provide any information about his mental health status.

Experts Express Doubts on Biden’s Medical Exam

Following the release of President Biden’s physical exam results, Fox News contributor and medical expert Dr. Janette Nesheiwat expressed concerns about the “mini mental status exam” that the president reportedly underwent.

Dr. Nesheiwat, a specialist in emergency and family medicine, spoke with Fox News Digital about her doubts regarding the exam.

Dr. Marc Siegel, another medical expert and contributor to Fox News, commented on the physical examination, stating the most significant aspect of the report was what it didn’t disclose, rather than what it did.

Dr. Nesheiwat reportedly expressed a desire to know more about President Biden’s performance on the “mini mental status exam” and questioned what his score was.

She emphasized physical, mental, and emotional health are all equally important aspects of an individual’s overall well-being. She highlighted the demanding, high-pressure nature of the presidency, stating it is crucial for the leader to be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable.

Given the significant responsibility of making life-and-death decisions and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the nation, she emphasized the need to ensure the president is in good health on all fronts.

President Biden’s age and mental fitness have come under scrutiny since he took office. Nikki Haley, a GOP presidential candidate calls for politicians over 75 years old to undergo cognitive tests before being sworn in.

Biden’s Cognitive Health Wasn’t Disclosed

Dr. Nesheiwat pointed out that President Biden is currently the oldest serving president and expressed the need for a leader with sharp mental faculties, cognitive stamina, and the ability to make informed decisions to steer the country forward.

She emphasized the presidency requires a great deal of mental acumen and shrewdness.

During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel raised concerns about the president’s physical examination.

Dr. Siegel questioned how President Biden’s physicians arrived at the exam results without conducting a full and thorough battery of tests.

Dr. Siegel expressed concern over Biden’s physical examination, specifically drawing attention to his “stiff gait,” which he noted could sometimes indicate cognitive issues.

While the examination report attributed the stiff gait to “peripheral neuropathy,” which involves the loss of sensation in the feet, Dr. Siegel noted that doctors did not have a definitive explanation for the condition.

The doctor highlighted that the president’s physical examination report did not mention the performance of an MRI, which could have provided a more comprehensive assessment of any underlying medical conditions.

Meanwhile, White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Conner, who assessed President Biden, reportedly concluded the president was a healthy and energetic 80-year-old male, capable of executing the duties of his office successfully.