Biden’s Love for Young Girls Resurfaces at One of His Rallies

After finishing his pro-abortion rally in Washington on Tuesday, Biden seemed to have forgotten there’s a certain way one’s supposed to behave in public, especially around children and minors.

While greeting some of the attendees of the rally, our senile president decided to grab a young girl’s hand and pull her uncomfortably close for a handshake.

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This lasted for well over a minute, which is about a minute longer than a handshake should normally last.

“Joe Biden” by Marc Nozell

Biden’s love for young girls resurfaces at one of his rallies

Social norms are a foreign concept to Biden though.

He’s known for interacting with his supporters and opponents in strange ways, including calling them “lying dog-faced pony soldiers,” if you recall one of Biden’s earlier gaffes.

This time around, he put his fingers up to the young girl’s face and rubbed her cheek, showing a clear lack of understanding of concepts, such as “personal space” and what’s widely accepted in today’s society.

The girl in question had no choice but to just smile and nod as the 79-year-old man held what will go down in history as the longest handshake a government official has had with a civilian.

Although it’s not a given he won’t do it again in the near future.

Surprising no one, he did the exact same thing with another woman who was unlucky enough to be present at the meet-and-greet. Biden kept his hand on her shoulder even after the handshake was over while greeting other attendees of the rally.

Biden’s turning 80 next month

While he did refrain from this sort of behavior for almost two years now, this unnecessary “skinship” is reminiscent of his pre-2020 behavior.

This is when he’d regularly grab hold of young girls and women in his presence, usually without their consent.

In fact, he went as far as giving a teenage girl some relationship advice during his appearance at a Southern California college last week.

Although knowing Biden, it was likely undecipherable sentences and slurred words mashed together into what he imagined would be solid “advice” for a girl her age.

Even though Biden apologized after his 2020 campaign, chalking his behavior up to “interpersonal norms” he’s accustomed to, it seems he’s regressing to how he was back then.

This signals another drop in his popularity rating is right around the corner.

Unfortunately, he’ll likely get dozens more chances to get touchy-feely with his supporters. It’s rumored the White House is planning an 80th Birthday party for the president in the upcoming month.

This effectively makes him the oldest executive in American history, with this whole “touching” thing of his that much more unsettling, regardless of how much he tries to defend himself.

If anything, we can rest assured that Biden’s approval rating isn’t going anywhere, especially after this scandal.

With the midterm elections rolling around next month, his actions are doing a huge disservice to the Democrat Party, which was already slated to lose.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.