Biden’s Low Approval Ratings Could Harm Democrats in the 2022 Midterms

Biden’s low approval rating on his handling of crime in the country could harm Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections. Thus, the White House is launching a counteroffensive attack by throwing the blame on the Republican Party. 

White House launching counteroffensive attack by throwing the blame on Republicans

The White House is responding to the continuous attacks of Republicans by throwing the blame on the GOP; to be precise, the White House maintains that Republicans are, in fact, the politicians who want to defund the police. 

The counteroffensive attack by the Democrat Party was launched to boost Biden’s low approval ratings.

On the other hand, congressional Democrats are advancing their efforts; they’re highlighting support for bills that obviously boost funding of the police.

The Democrats are also saying that Republicans did not support the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, which allegedly contains provisions meant to fund the police. They also claimed that Republicans are not the party of law enforcement. 

In an attempt to lower the rising number of violent crime and mass shootings, Biden is additionally trying to sell his gun control proposals.

Biden is also particularly vulnerable with the issue; a new poll released by the Washington Post shows that 48% of the American population disapproves of the Biden administration’s handling of crime. Meanwhile, 38% approves, and 14% have no view whatsoever. 

Republicans highlighting the lies of Democrats, calling it a “desperate ploy”

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to seize this opportunity to try to regain control of Congress next year. 

In an interview from Republican Senator Ted Cruz, he slammed the White House’s accusations as “gaslighting”. He also called it Democrats’ “desperate ploy” in order to escape the responsibility for the surge of crime. 

In the past year, left-wing movements and Democrat activists called for spending less funds on police and more on other programs, such as education and mental health.

Although there are some progressives who expressed their support for this cause, Biden and other congressional leaders rejected the thought of defunding the police. 

Meanwhile, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell argued that cutting police funding is Democrats’ dogma; Leader McConnell also cited cities like Minneapolis and Seattle where police are defunded. 

In a recent speech, McConnell added that Democrat lawmakers rapidly embraced the radical call of defunding the police, suggesting the cut of millions of dollars. They succeeded in reducing the budget for local law enforcement, this validating the instincts of anti-police radicals. 

On the other hand, Republicans cited various factors to justify their move to oppose the $1.9 trillion COVID bill; none of them were related to police funding.

Yet, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, stood by the statement of the White House. Psaki incorrectly said since  Republicans opposed the funding for COPS program and voted against the trillion-dollar bill, it goes to show they wanted to defund the police.