Biden’s Mental Health is a National Security Issue

Ronny Jackson, a Texas Republican congressman and a former White House physician, raised alarm bells about the declining cognitive abilities of President Joe Biden.

He stated that the deteriorating cognitive abilities of Biden are now a “national security issue” for the United States.

Biden’s Declining Cognitive Abilities

Jackson noted Biden has to test his mental abilities, especially at a time when the threat of a US-Russia war demands a sharp brain in the White House.

He further added this is not a good time to have a president suffering from these sorts of issues; thus, it is a national security threat.

The host of the show John Hines was shocked to hear these revelations from the former White House physician; so he asked him again whether it was really a national security issue.

Jackson doubled down on his comments immediately.

According to the physician, he has been reiterating this very thing since Joe Biden was running for office.

Furthermore, he explicitly mentioned the infamous gaffe of the president in which Biden threatened regime change in Russia, which prompted his top administrators to denounce the comments.

Right after Biden’s remarks, the White House noted regime change in Russia is not the policy of the United States.

Biden’s slow speech was yet another matter of concern for Jackson. According to him, Americans are now used to these practices by the president, and they are only growing over time.

Jackson also claimed the president did not have a cognitive test during his last physical exam.

He suggested he was part of the team which performed these tests on former President Trump, so Biden should also follow suit.

Biden’s Mental Health Has Always Been Under Scrutiny

This is not the first time someone questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities to hold the most powerful office in the world.

Sean Hannity of Fox News, for instance, is one the biggest critics of Biden’s mental health, as he often establishes Biden is in no position to be president.

Speaking on a Fox News show hosted by Lawrence Jones, Hannity claimed last month that Biden struggles every time he speaks, which depicts he is struggling mentally.

Likewise, he stated the liberal media blames him for questioning the mental capacity of the president, whose dysfunction is quite apparent.

In a Politico report of late February, the media outlet claimed instead of Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris held phone calls with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Similarly, Harris also spoke to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus.

However, Hannity claimed these sorts of stories are “underreported,” as Biden’s inability to hold critical foreign policy talks is the primary reason why foreign policy is being handed over to the vice president.

Hannity suggested handing over these important foreign policy issues to the vice president is not a usual thing during the first year of the administration.