Biden’s NSA Admitted FAILURE in Iran Nuclear Talks

Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor to President Biden, admitted the US’ failure in Iran’s nuclear talks. The conversations about reinstating the 2015 Iran nuclear deal just ended; however, no significant breakthrough happened yet.

The US is failing in Iran nuclear talks

Claiming the United States is unable to go back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Sullivan noted the talks are not going well.

Despite the fact Sullivan admitted a little bit of progress in the talks, he believed no conclusion could be reached amid indirect talks with Iran.

Since Biden assumed power, he’s been burning the midnight oil to bring Iran back to the landmark deal which was signed under Obama’s presidency. Donald Trump pulled the US back from the deal, as according to Trump, it was not enough to stop Iran from making the nuclear bomb.

Even though the European allies of America claimed pulling out from the deal unilaterally could weaken the US, the Trump administration suggested otherwise.

Sullivan tried to put the blame of the failed negotiations on the Trump administration, noting the US withdrawal from the deal helped Iran re-establish its nuclear program.

Contrary to Suvillian’s statement, Ali Bagheri, the chief negotiator from Iran, noted the country saw “good progress” in the talks. However, he added, the talks just stopped for a few days.

Biden is begging Iran to return to JCPOA

Over the last few days, officials from many different European countries have been arguing the US is running against time in striking a deal with Tehran.

Iran believes until the Biden administration revokes all sanctions imposed against them, they will not agree to return to JCPOA. However, the US is reluctant to lift sanctions in one go, stating Iran developed its nuclear facilities too much.

The national security advisor noted he could not give a date of when both Iran and the US would reach a deal. He stated the situation is much more difficult, compared to what the administration thought while starting the negotiation.

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s chief negotiator, noted all the parties would start negotiating again “soon.” He believed in the success of the negotiations, as according to him, it would pave the way for more intensive talks between countries.

The EU coordinator addressed the urgency of the matter by claiming world leaders must reach an agreement within the upcoming weeks, due to the shortage of time.

Reportedly, the arguing parties are nearing a deal in the form of a new joint draft agreement. These parties include Iran, the US, the UK, France, China, and Germany, which, if agreed, would pave the way for further negotiations.

Even the United States’ right-hand partner, Israel, has been assertive against the talks, noting they would not be helpful in stopping Iran from making a nuclear bomb.