Biden’s Policies are Destroying the US Framework Completely

While speaking to Sean Hannity of Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. lambasted the Biden administration for failing the United States in various sectors; this includes spending public money, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the immigration crisis, and promoting woke culture.

AOC’s Mentality Running the Democratic Party 

Responding to the questions of the host, Trump Jr. claimed some lunatics are running the Democrat Party, which is driving the country into chaos. He further clarified these crises of the Democrat Party are unprecedented.

This is the reason the governing party is treating illegal immigrants better than Americans. The son of the former president likewise stated Democrats have no more moderates in their ranks who actually care about the real issues of the United States.

Then, he added the likes of AOC have completely transformed the culture of the Democrat Party. While scolding the Democrat Party, Trump Jr. stated the ruling elite is concerned about everyone but Americans.

Busting the Democrats’ socialist agenda, he reprimanded the administration for using American money on illegal immigrants through various programs.

Labeling the Democrat Party a “clown show,” the GOP wellwisher criticized the Biden administration for mandating vaccines for Americans and not the illegal immigrants who roam freely within the US without getting vaccinated or tested for COVID.

He noted a person living in New York City cannot go to school, the gym, or take public transportation without getting vaccinated; however, the illegal immigrants from Mexico can travel America without getting their jabs.

The GOP activist further scolded the administration, saying by the time the 2022 midterm elections arrive, the downfall of the US is imminent, considering the current policies of the Biden administration.

Biden Favors Illegal Immigrants Over Americans

Likewise, Don stated the Democrats’ socialist agenda is causing detrimental effects to the left-wing party, noting they could face the consequences of their actions in the upcoming midterm elections.

He also slammed the migration policies pushed by the Biden administration; instead of scrutinizing drug cartels, human traffickers, and sex traffickers, the administration is busy checking who was present at the Capitol on January 6.

While censuring media giants and social media outlets for being the mouthpiece of Democrats, Trump Jr. claimed they are acting as the marketing tool of Democrats. Labeling the military leadership as “clown generals,” Trump Jr. evinced the Biden administration is endorsing a soft-hearted policy against China.

Meanwhile, China is continuously flying hundreds of planes over Taiwan and undermining the sovereignty of the country. At the same time as this, the U.S. military is busy promoting critical race theory in their ranks.

The approval rating of President Biden dropped to the historic low of 38% in the new national poll; this depicts an extremely dangerous trend for Democrats moving into midterm elections.

The survey of Quinnipiac University disclosed more Americans than ever are now thinking of the Biden administration as incapable of running the country’s affairs. With disapproval standing at 53%, the latest statistics also affirms Donald Trump Jr.’s claims.