Biden’s Top Official’s Nostalgia for Conservatives

White House press secretary Jen Psaki joined reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. 

During this time, she dished on Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy. She said she will miss Doocy after leaving the White House.

Jen Psaki Will Miss Fox News’ Peter Doocy

According to the bureau chief of Christian Science Monitor, Lida Feldman, the media network organizes conversations with press secretaries a night before they leave.

Feldman asked Psaki about her experience dealing with Fox News correspondent Doocy and whether or not she would miss the journalist.

On this, Psaki claimed “she will” miss her, adding she has a “very good” and “personal” relationship with Doocy.

The outgoing secretary mentioned the very reason why Doocy asks a lot of questions from her is the type of organization he works with.

Even if he inquires about a lot of things, this does not mean she agrees with him every time, Psaki added.

Psaki asserted her job was not to fight with Fox News, but to work for the “American people.”

Since the beginning of Biden’s presidency, Psaki and Doocy got themselves engaged in multiple cross-talking events which made headlines.

Both of them had tense exchanges regarding the worsening pandemic, immigration crisis, and the nosediving economy.

For a long time, Doocy remained one of the few journalists who dared to question Psaki frequently.

Some recent reports even suggested many journalists thought questioning Psaki made them look stupid, as, according to them, Psaki is extremely proficient in her job.

Psaki Bragged About Her Position Before Leaving the Office

Earlier in the conversation, Psaki explained the toughness of her office, adding that a press secretary has to be an expert in public policy.

Even if the press secretary does not want to share everything with the general public, it is a beneficial approach to attend most of the meetings to get an insightful view of public policy, Psaki established.

During the meeting, she was asked various questions, ranging from the Russia-Ukraine war to Biden’s shyness from the media. Media representatives also asked her if she would be willing to give any advice to her successor, Jean-Pierre.

Responding to this, she stated the upcoming secretary could be effective in her job by knowing the exact position of the president on various issues while asking him questions.

Secondly, Psaki noted every individual who is going to assume this role in the future should know this job is not about just reading talking points from any book.

While praising the upcoming secretary, Psaki asserted she would bring her “own style” to the office.

Psaki is leaving her job this week to make a new career in media, just like many other former press officials who quit their jobs to start their TV shows.

As she joins MSNBC, the news network is likely to be more inclined towards a liberal narrative.