Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Could Trigger Chronic Labor Shortage


The Biden administration is starting to give Americans some warning, stating that if they do not want to receive COVID-vaccine, they should be ready to lose their jobs. This triggered Republicans to voice out their concerns on how the mandate could possibly lead to a chronic shortage of labor force in the country. 

Chris Christie: Democrats politicized the vaccination process under the Trump administration

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, censured Biden during his appearance on Fox News for mandating COVID vaccines. Christie is a pro-vaccine Republican who has been instructing people to get their jabs; he is not, however, in favor of making these vaccines mandatory.

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Christie likewise criticized the president, stating that instead of forcing and threatening people to get vaccinated, the Biden administration should instead try to persuade them through education.

Christie stated if the administration can educate people about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines, Americans would be pushing themselves to get vaccinated. However, the vaccination has been politicized by the Democrats themselves.

The former governor also scolded Vice President Kamala Harris for politicizing the vaccination process during her election campaign. It can be noted the current vice president announced she would not take the vaccine on former President Trump’s advice. 

While discussing the COVID vaccine mandate, the former governor also highlighted the labor shortage present in the country right now. Christie said the US is facing this shortage in various departments, ranging from healthcare to the teaching sector.

Christie likewise commented the Biden administration is already offering massive unemployment benefits to people, which are discouraging them from going to work in the first place. So, according to Christie, any vaccine mandate would make the matter worse.

The Imminent Labor Shortage is Detrimental to the US Economy

The new rules enacted by the Biden administration made it mandatory for private companies having 100+ employees to either vaccinate their workforce or test them weekly for coronavirus.

Now, as per the latest set of rules, almost four million workers are on the verge of losing their jobs if they decide not to get vaccinated. This includes nearly 300,000 head start employees as well, which can stagnate the education sector.

It is also expected this mandate will further deteriorate the healthcare sector of different states once the unvaccinated staff is fired. Among the states most affected by these vaccine mandate workforce shortages, New York is likely to be on top.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul already devised an alternative strategy to cope with the upcoming shortage.

The labor shortage is already acting like a nightmare for the US economy; despite 8.4 million job openings, employers countrywide are starving for workers to come. Now, as indicated by Chris Christie, the vaccine mandate is promising to sour this economic crisis.

While questioning the legality of the vaccine mandate, the former governor said these mandates are on “shaky ground.” Apart from Christie, many other Republicans also scolded Biden for mandating vaccines.

Time and time, the GOP’s current and former lawmakers have blamed Biden for trespassing on civil liberties by making COVID vaccines mandatory.