Big Loss: Panic in Democrats’ Ranks

Hispanic voters are parting ways with Democrats, as they feel betrayed by the incumbent government.

However, Democrats are making a seven-figure investment to lure these voters once again ahead of a high-stakes election.

Hispanics Turn Away From Democrats

Biden’s approval rating is plunging, which is diminishing the Democrats’ chance of winning the upcoming midterm elections.

In this nosedive, Hispanics are contributing their role significantly, as per the new polls.

According to pollsters Jim and John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates, even the Democrats’ strong voter base is showing resentment toward the president, which is the most worrying sign for the party right now.

John McLaughlin noted 25% of people who voted for Biden are not satisfied with his position.

Not only this, but 61% of Hispanic voters, an equal number of suburban voters, 25% of African Americans, 40% of urban voters, and 27% of liberals have disapproved of Biden’s presidency, McLaughlin noted.

Thus, the “2020 coalition” of the president is “totally destroyed,” he asserted.

Furthermore, McLaughlin claimed the aggressive position of the Democrat Party toward the Roe vs. Wade case and abortion is just to appease these voters again.

The same pollster said Republicans are likely to win a significant portion of the Hispanic and black voters, due to the inability of Democrats to keep them intact. This valuable addition, McLaughlin continued, will help the GOP in clinching Congress in 2022.

For these very reasons, Democrats are trying to control the media to ensure voters do not see the true picture of their performance in the economic, security, border, as well as law enforcement domains.

Even many Democrats are stepping away from getting Biden’s endorsement in their primaries, the pollster asserted.

Jim McLaughlin claimed voters are not even buying Biden’s excuses. When Biden puts the blame for inflation on others, voters start mocking him on social media immediately, Jim concluded.

Democrats Spending Millions to Lure Hispanics

As Democrats are aware of the voter apathy they are facing right now, the party has decided to spend millions of dollars on protecting its congressional majorities.

For instance, the Democratic National Committee is all-set to launch seven figures paid campaigns on radio and print advertising in both Spanish and English languages in Latino-rich states.

In this campaign, the party will target voters in the states of Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

This is an unprecedented campaign, as this time, Democrats are turning to voters earlier than they used to do in the previous elections.

A consultant to the Democratic top campaigning committee, Maria Cardona, acknowledged the “DNC has never done this.”

According to her, this is the “presidential level” of spending on Latinos, which is being pursued in midterm elections this year.

Under this plan, Democrats are targeted to speak about their infrastructure bill, vaccination drive, and the government spending that they pursued during COVID times.