“Big Pharma” Called Out as Force Against Trump’s Re-election

Amid reports of surging COVID-19 cases, there’s a ton of talk about the vaccine for this virus. The overall consensus on the virus is split. Some Americans believe that this will be the tool for a return to normalcy; others have concerns about the vaccine being legislated and mandated upon individuals who do not want it.

“Doctor or nurse filling a syringe with C” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Health experts, for their part, have given mixed feedback about what all Americans should expect from a coronavirus vaccine. Some claim that the vaccine will be the strongest weapon against COVID-19; others, such as Fauci, maintain that measures like social distancing and wearing face masks should continue, even after the vaccine gets here.

On Friday, President Trump held a press conference regarding the reduction of drug prices; during this press conference, the commander-in-chief also dropped a bombshell about “big pharma,” as Breitbart News confirms.

Big Pharma’s Role in the 2020 Presidential Election

Yesterday, President Trump informed that Pfizer and other big pharmaceutical companies priorly planned to release their vaccine in October; however, seeing as this would have arrived before Election Day, big pharma is now accused of waiting until after the 2020 presidential election to “assess the results of their vaccine.”

The 45th president did not hold back when speaking at the White House on Friday. He not only called out big pharmaceutical companies for holding off on their release of a vaccine; the president also noted drug companies’ aversion to his re-election, due to Trump’s plans to reduce the costs of prescription prices.

According to the president, this resulted in drug companies not only delaying the release of a vaccine, but also dumping millions of dollars into anti-Trump ads throughout the 2020 race.

More on Trump’s Work to Reduce Drug Costs

Democrats often claim to be the party of healthcare; yet, it is their policies, not President Trump’s, that rip choice away from Americans and engenders costlier drug prices.

In order to reduce the costs of drugs, Trump’s work entails giving Medicare the green light to pay the minimal “favored nation” fee linked to different countries.

Additionally, the president is ordering big pharma companies to eliminate middlemen associated with rebates and reduced-price drugs; then, the money that would go to these middlemen is now required to be sent to patients of Medicare.

All things considered, the notion of big pharma intentionally working against the president and holding off on releasing a vaccine is very plausible.

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