Big Tech Announces Plans to Rig 2022 Midterm Elections

More Perfect Union (MPU), a group tied to Big Tech, has vowed to help get moderate senators elected during this year’s midterms.

Big tech promises to introduce moderate lawmakers 

Being a self-proclaimed “citizens-led movement” founded in 2020, MPU promised to replace all the left and right senators with moderate politicians by funding their election campaigns.

Fox News Digital obtained the virtual outline of the group’s agenda. This agenda mentioned the organization would be a dominant player in each race of the 2022 Senate elections. 

The outline stated the major reason for the dysfunctional Congress is the Senate, as the chamber’s lawmakers are elected for six-year terms.

Thus, MPU mentioned it would help only those senators who could pass legislation like electoral reforms, campaign financing regulations, and bringing structural reforms in Congress.

Currently, the group is aiming to influence the primary elections of different senators. It believes the current framework of every primary election rewards “extremes” who can prove their “ideological purity” to their donors.

Promising to donate “$1 million hard money,” and a minimum of $5 million independent expenditures per race, the group with the big tech backing is eyeing to manipulate election results. 

While the group claims to be an apolitical organization on its website, its actions suggest otherwise.

Jake Harriman, the founder of MPU, is also the founder of a social venture network named Nuru International. This network aims to “eradicate poverty” all over the world. 

Harriman was honored by former President Obama as a “Champion of Change.” 

This time, he is turning his focus toward the American political system. His bio stated the American political setup is on the brink of failure; so Jake is stepping forward to save it.

In the first phase, he is planning to introduce at least five new members to the US Senate, hence launching a nationwide movement to change the “norms of Congress.”

Jake Harriman downplayed conservative candidate campaign in Alabama

In December 2021, Harriman held a meeting in Alabama; he mentioned the Senate race in Alabama could be crucial in changing the “fulcrum” of the United States.

One of the attendees of the meeting revealed Harriman wanted to form a bipartisan caucus in which he would only entertain moderate senators from both parties.

According to the anonymous attendee, Harriman presented some polls in the meeting which suggested optimism about the campaign of former US military personnel Mike Durant.

Similarly, he noted that Katie Britt, a Senate candidate of Alabama, does not have enough support to beat Congressman Mo Brooks in 2022 Republican primary elections for the Senate.

Warning about the potential election of a military veteran and a right-wing politician Mike Durant, Harriman noted that Alabama Patriot PAC already donated big money to Durant, who has the potential of winning Republican primaries from Alabama.

Recently, Durant downplayed all the allegations he got money from the PAC, claiming he was unaware of any such entity.