Biggest Vaccine Lie From the White House to Date

Biden’s White House claimed on Thursday he took over office when no vaccine was available in the country.

The vaccine was actually developed under former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

White House Blatantly Lied About Vaccine Origins

President Biden inherited all the infrastructure needed to fight coronavirus, but still, he ended up making a mess.

America was the first country to come up with the vaccine under Trump’s administration. However, to date, the USA has the highest number of deaths, due to mismanaged priorities since last year. 

Twitter neither flagged the White House tweet as “misinformation,” nor did it take down the thread. For a long time, Twitter has been claiming to flag any misinformation on coronavirus and vaccinations.

The platform took down many accounts which did not buy Biden’s narratives of vaccines. Though the White House account neither received a warning nor a ban.

This comes at a time when the social media giant is already biased for downplaying Hunter Biden’s story of 2020, which turned out to be true. 

Biden’s so-called newly created Disinformation Governance Board also failed to denounce the lie. As Americans schooled the White House on Twitter, it took a sharp u-turn.

In the new thread which quoted the old tweet, the White House acknowledged its mistake, saying it “misstated” that vaccines were unavailable at the time of Biden’s inauguration. 

The White House, however, noted these vaccines were not “widely” available back then.

Not only this, but the Trump administration also managed to administer, on average, 913,000 vaccinations per day before Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

At the time of their inauguration, both Biden and Kamala Harris were fully vaccinated, as they took two shots under Trump’s tenure.

Liberal Media Sensed This Lie From Biden 

This lie was so blatant that even CNN’s Daniel Dale and the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler lambasted the administration over it. Kessler suggested the White House delete the tweet. 

Had it not been about Trump’s plan to manufacture vaccines, the Biden administration would have been much behind on its numbers of “fully vaccinated” people.

Biden has often received all the credit for the administration’s record number of vaccines, but he was gifted with all of them. When he came to the office, vaccines were all set to be injected in bulk.

Apart from the vaccine manufacturing, the distribution plan of the vaccine was also prepared; the new administration had to just fine-tune it.

Even then, right after coming into office, both Biden and Harris started lying to the media regarding the vaccine.

Both of them repeatedly claimed their administration could have done much better in reaching their vaccination goals if they had not “started from scratch.”

Back then, even top medical experts, including Dr. Fauci, had to eat Biden’s words, as he was involved in the vaccine manufacturing process under the Trump administration.