Bill Gates Slams Climate Change Activist for Radical Policies

Microsoft CEO and leading climate change activist Bill Gates slammed radical practices that seek to heal the climate without any success.

Gates believes forcing people to cut off their needs would never solve the problem of climate change.

Bill Gates Destroys Radical Climate Activists

Speaking in a Bloomberg podcast, “Zero,” Bill Gates suggested people would not change their lifestyles and patterns of consumption just because of concerns about climate change and emissions.

The podcast was recorded before the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act and was released recently.

Before the IRA, climate change was a hot-button issue, due to the possible provisions in the bill that would have changed the traditional fossil fuel system in various sectors of the economy.

According to Gates, if the government tries to change everything forcefully, a cultural revolution would occur that would make America another North Korea.

So, Gates continued, any big government and the presence of central authority would not solve the problem of climate change.

Gates further noted that human desires are natural, which means people would not stop eating meat or building their new homes just because of a global problem.

In addition, Gates claimed he pays $9 billion annually to compensate for his own fossil fuel emissions.

Though, the tech billionaire asserted that even if rich people who already built enough things in life try to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions, it would have a negligible effect on controlling climate change.

Furthermore, Gates suggested climate change is getting undeserving global attention, as there are many other issues more worthy of being considered at an international level.

As per Gates, global pandemics, rising healthcare costs, and aiding poor countries are some of the things which deserve more attention compared to climate change.

New Ways to Do Existing Things Will Save Climate

Bill Gates is himself a climate change advocate who is also the founder of Breakthrough Energy, which is an investment fund for green energy innovations.

His remarks come at a time when left-leaning politicians and advocates are preaching the lesser emission of greenhouse gasses in every sector of the economy.

In the presence of current industrial setups, lesser emission means people would need to minimize their consumption of different electricity, manufacturing, industrial, and transportation facilities.

If the government is really interested in mitigating the effects of climate change, only technological alternatives can solve this problem worldwide, Gates added.

When new innovations are made, Gates continued, they will be able to provide better and cheaper products in many fields in a pro-climate way, which would motivate people to adopt the new technology.

Gates claimed his Breakthrough Energy is funding startups that are working on doing existing things in a new way that would be beneficial for the climate.

Similarly, Gates insisted the European Union, which distanced itself from Russian coal, would eventually need to reopen its power plants; the continent will continue to suffer with the nosediving economy otherwise.