“Black Hawk” Helicopters and US Weapons Now in the Hands of the Taliban


The U.S. supplied around $28 million worth of weaponry to the Afghan forces between the years 2002 to 2017. Now, these weapons are in the hands of the Taliban forces. Channels and other social media profiles affiliated with the Taliban posted videos and images of the Taliban wearing U.S. military uniforms, brandishing U.S.-made weapons and gear stolen from the Afghan military.

Taliban special operations are now comparable to the military troops in other countries

In one image, the Taliban can also be seen hoisting their flag wearing U.S. uniforms, seemingly mocking the U.S. The image likewise seemed to copy the iconic image of six U.S. Marine troops raising the American flag in Iwa Jima during World War II.

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According to Shiv Aroor, news anchor and senior editor of India Today, the videos and images posted by the channels show militants and the special operations team of the Taliban that deployed not only in the capital of Afghanistan, but in other parts of the country as well.

Aroor also added that these pictures show the Taliban insurgents in a different light. Now, they are not merely a terrorist group anymore, but rather, a group of special operation forces that could be compared to the rest of the troops all over the world.

The news anchor added that there are a lot of reasons to believe that the Taliban could boost their strength, now that they’re in power and they have the weaponry. He also warned that the world should be prepared for the Taliban forces, as they are expected to rise in the forthcoming weeks and months.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group also shared the same sentiments, stating that the group of Badri 313 is different from the rest of the Taliban forces. They mentioned how the Tablian now looks like U.S. troops, wears U.S. uniforms, combat boots, and body armor. They are also brandishing M4 carbines and are using armored cars supplied by the United States.

Taliban is in possession of U.S. Black Hawk and U.S.-supplied military weaponry

The founder and president of Eurasia Group also posted an image on Twitter showing the Taliban wearing U.S. uniforms, holding U.S. weapons, and riding a Ford camouflaged truck. He posted it with a caption stating that the Taliban have their “new American weaponry.”

Meanwhile, a group of Republican senators called for the Biden administration to make a full accounting of the weaponry and military equipment left by the U.S. in Afghanistan; this could now be in the hands of the Taliban.

The GOP senators sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. This letter states they were “horrified” to see pictures of the Taliban wearing U.S. military uniforms, holding U.S. pieces of equipment, and in possession of “Black Hawk” helicopters. They likewise asked the Pentagon to give a detailed accounting of the weaponry that is still in Afghanistan.