BLM Defends Luxury Mansion Purchased With Donations Money

Black Lives Matter (BLM) supported the purchase of an expensive luxury mansion in a series of tweets on Monday.

The property was purchased for $6 million in 2020, which came into the spotlight just recently after a media outlet busted the unusual purchase.

Massive Irregularities Found in BLM Finances

Last week, New York Magazine exposed the far-left organization BLM purchased a mansion in California worth $6 million in October 2020.

The purchase occurred with the money donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF).

This report of the media outlet urged the BLM to respond to the news in a series of tweets.

The tweet acknowledged BLMGNF is aware of the fact that “more work” has to be done in order to increase transparency in the transitions of the organization.

Despite this acknowledgment, BLM claimed reports looking into its finances are based on inflammatory and speculative practices and “causing harm” to the organization.

Furthermore, the tweet added these sorts of reports do not “reflect the totality of the movement.”

The organization also announced to “redouble” its effort to bring more clarity to its finances, adding new initiatives would be launched soon to ensure self-accountability and transparency so the organization can move to its “next evolution.”

So, in order to satisfy its donors, the far-left organization also tried to explain its spending pattern.

According to BLM, the group spent $3 million on COVID relief, while $25 million were directed toward Black-inclined organizations.

Similarly, a significant amount of money was also used to pass anti-police legislation, so qualified immunity for officers could be reduced.

BLM’s History of Financial Mismanagement

This is not the first time the far-left organization made headlines for corrupt finances. As per the 2021 report of the New York Post, the co-founder of the movement, Patrisse Cullors, bought four luxury homes, totaling $3.2 million.

Just a month later, Cullors announced to step down from her position in BLMGNF.

She also lambasted the critics in her Instagram post, citing these sorts of claims are sexist and racist attacks against the organization.

When the group was formed in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, it raised almost $90 million in 2020 alone.

The emotions of donors went to an all-time high on racial politics, resulting in unprecedented donations for a racial cause.

This paved the way for high-stakes officials to buy luxuries with these donations. 

The series of tweets also mentioned the group is an opportunity for “transparency,” “self-truth,” and “accountability.” Despite these claims, the political movement turned off the comments on the tweets.

Even though BLM finances have come under heavy scrutiny, no legal inquiry has been started as of now.

This depicts the political nature of the group which is being supported by the likes of Barack Obama.