Boebert Showed Her Own Version of AOC’s Met Gala Dress to Celebrate GOP Win


Republican Representative of Colorado, Lauren Boebert, posted on Twitter this Thursday. Her post was to display her new fashion trend sweeping all across Washington, D.C., after the elections this week. 

Boebert flaunted a “Let’s Go Brandon” dress to celebrate the Republican win

In a Twitter post, Boebert mocked the “Tax the Rich” dress flaunted by Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Met Gala back in September.

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The red dress of Boebert read “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase that became a rallying cry by the president’s fiercest critics, serving as a code for a sarcastic message to Biden. 

According to Boebert, “Let’s Go Brandon” is not a phrase, but rather a movement. The Republican representative likewise told Fox News she had a picture this week with former President Trump, wearing the dress at his resort in Florida. 

On the other hand, communications director for Boebert, Ben Stout, mentioned on Fox News that Americans are getting sick and tired of the Biden administration.

This includes the “destructive” policies and other measures of the White House, particularly regarding the U.S. economy. Stout added the way people are expressing their frustrations right now is by saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Later, when Stout was asked about Boebert’s meeting with former President Trump, the communications director stated it was “phenomenal.”

He added the congresswoman and former president talked about the damage the Biden administration has done. Boebert and Trump also discussed the importance of putting Trump-era policies back in place to help America get back on track. 

It can be noted that Boebert served as a leader of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement and has been pushing for Trump’s agenda in Congress. 

Stout was likewise asked about what the former president thought about Boebert’s “Let’s Go Brandon” dress. According to him, the statement dress made Trump smile and the Republican leader “loved it.” 

Boebert: People are not buying the “socialism” stunt of the Biden administration

The Colorado congresswoman has been a consistently vocal critic of the Democrat administration and her colleagues, particularly in their efforts in advancing the agenda of the president. 

Last month, Boebert told Fox News people are not buying the “fast track to socialism” that Biden and Democrats are trying to push for. 

On the other hand, Republicans are looking at the defeat of Democrats in the recent elections as an example of how little power the Democrat Party has outside of their divisions. The most renowned election was Youngkin’s win against Democratic candidate McAuliffe. 

Back in September when Ocasio-Cortez wore the “Tax the Rich” dress on the red carpet, she stated she and the dress’s designer talked about what it meant to be a working-class woman at the Met Gala. 

Ocasio-Cortez then claimed they cannot just play along and need to break through the “fourth wall” and confront institutions. She added although the Met Gala is known for its display of spectacle, people should have a discussion about it.