Book Claims: Jill Biden Said Kamala Harris Can “Go F—Herself”

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The relationship between Kamala Harris and the Bidens allegedly took a left turn after Harris, came after him for his record on busing. As a result, First Lady Jill Biden is not very happy about it. 

According to Edward Isaac Dovere, a journalist, Harris was then Joe Biden’s opponent in the primary when she came after him for busing and his relationships with segregationist senators. First Lady Jill Biden was infuriated and said Harris can “go f— herself” in a call with campaign donors. 

This happened after Biden’s speech during his early days in Washington. According to Dovere, Biden tried to emphasize his track record as a deal broker. He also talked about his connection with two die-hard segregationists in the Senate. 

At that time, Biden said, “Well, guess what? At least there was some civility.” He added, “We got things done.” 

In addition to this, Biden also mentioned that he and the known segregationists don’t agree much on anything. He also mentioned that they don’t talk to each other anymore.

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Meanwhile, two days after the debate in South Carolina, Harris talked to reporters. She said that if the people that Biden was talking about which affection had their way, she would never have been a senator of the United States.

Dovere writes that at that time Harris’ team had a piece of advice. She had to “land hard on Biden” in the next debate. At that time, Harris was seemingly reluctant. Due to the fact that she grew close to the Biden family.

According to the book by Dovere, Harris was looking for a means to rebuking Biden. However, Harris wanted to do it without attacking the man she truly respected and took a liking to.

At the June 2019 debate, Harris told Biden that she does not believe he is a racist. She added that she agrees with him when Biden commits himself to the importance of finding common ground. 

Biden to Harris: “That was some F—ing Bullsh–, “

Yet, Harris retracted. She said she believes that this is personal. Harris also mentioned that it was hurtful to hear Biden talk about the reputations of U.S. senators who according to her, built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in the United States. 

Harris continued saying that aside from that, Biden also worked with them to oppose busing. She then talked about her story of being a little girl in the state of California. Harris said that she was a a member of the second class to go into her public schools. Harris also claimed that she was bused to school every day. 

After which, Biden then leaned over his fellow Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg, saying, “That was some f—ing bullsh–,” Dovere writes. 

Then, a question was raised about Harris’ increasing poll numbers. Biden answered saying that he was probably overly polite in a way that he did not respond to an attack. 

A week later, Jill Biden reportedly cursed Harris during a phone call with close supporters. According to reports, Jill Biden was infuriated and defended her husband. She said, “Jill Biden stated that “with what [Biden] cares about” and “fight for,” Harris should “go f—- [herself].”