BREAKING: CNN Terminated Its Top Viewed Anchor


Brian Stelter, a CNN media correspondent, lambasted Chris Cuomo.

Meanwhile, CNN terminated Chris Cuomo after suspending him earlier, as he came into the limelight in aiding his brother Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, in the sexual harassment case.

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Brian Stelter Called Chris Cuomo a Headache

Labeling Chris Cuomo’s show a “death by a thousand cuts,” Stelter noted Cuomo was increasingly becoming more chaotic for the media network. Likewise, he said despite the fact ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ was loved by viewers, Cuomo’s continuous absurdity helped the channel reach this decision.

Stelter added many CNN staff members were very frustrated by the situation, adding he even heard from some of Cuomo’s viewers he was acting to help his family out.

The media correspondent also explained the recent reports unveiled Cuomo’s clandestine involvement with the governor’s office, which he pursued by working with his aides. Ultimately, all of the previous differences were translated into his termination, according to Stetler.

Talking to news anchor Jim Acosta, Stetler noted Cuomo was one of the most famous journalists of the news industry. Still, the third-party law firm found serious irregularities in his behavior.

Calling Cuomo an “unpaid staffer” for his brother, the ‘Reliable Sources’ anchor noted Chris remained consistent in helping out his brother. Over the course of time, Stetler’s views of Cuomo kept swinging from one extreme to another. 

For instance, back in August this year, Stetler called Cuomo’s behavior within the journalistic “boundaries.” Claiming Andrew Cuomo was not indulged in the conflict of interest, Stelter’s previous statements put Cuomo within the “journalism ethics book.”

However, in May, he scolded Cuomo for his “inappropriate” behavior by benefitting the governor using his position.

CNN fired Cuomo over allegations of helping his brother

Meanwhile, as the New York attorney general’s office reports pushed Cuomo into hot water, he was fired by CNN on Saturday.

In its statement, the media channel noted after the suspension of Cuomo came his termination, as the matter has been diagnosed further.

CNN also added some new information surfaced, leading the channel to make the decision. Likewise, they said even after termination, the investigation against the anchor would continue.

Contrary to this, Chris Cuomo said he did not want to end his journey with CNN on these terms, claiming he just helped his brother. Expressing his disappointment, Cuomo added he was proud of the team he worked with, saying he would miss working with the group.

Although the involvement of Chris Cuomo in his brother’s case was unleashed some months ago, the severity of the claims was only recently discovered when the New York AG disclosed several reports regarding the matter.

According to these reports, the younger Cuomo helped his brother by giving him media insight into his case.