Breaking the Mold: Ice Cube Urges Black Americans to Abandon Democrats

Renowned rapper Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson, recently sat down for a conversation on the Full Send Podcast, hosted by Kyle Forgeard and Steiny Steinberg. He openly shared his thoughts about politics and the Democrat Party.

Ice Cube’s Efforts to Bridge the Political Divide

In an effort to bridge the gap between the politically powerful and grassroots activists, Ice Cube has spearheaded projects like the “Contract with Black America.”

Back in 2020, his decision to work with then-President Trump on a plan for black Americans stirred up a whirlwind of criticism.

Ice Cube was unyielding. He defended his collaboration with Trump in a tweet, a raw outpouring of truth, calling for justice, change, and bipartisanship.

Ice Cube’s Candid Take on Black America’s Political Stance

“Look, I never backed Trump or Biden,” Ice Cube candidly admitted. “It’s not like I sought out Republicans or Democrats.”

“I did draft a piece though, titled ‘Contract with Black America’,” he continued, delving into his motivations.

Ice Cube claimed his contract received varied responses from both parties. “The Republicans, they were keen to borrow some ideas from the contract, put it in their proposal.”

“I told them, ‘Go ahead! The document’s up for grabs.’ If they wanted to use it for learning, they could. If they wished to add more meat to it, they could. Heck, if they wanted to leverage it to alter a law, they could. I wasn’t gonna stop them.”

Whereas his encounters with Democrats, according to Ice Cube, went down differently. “I had a sit-down with the Democrats. They liked most of the stuff in the contract. ‘We’re good with 90% of it,’ they said. ‘We’ll catch up with you about it after the election.'”

He put forth a candid question, brimming with concern and a tinge of frustration.

“Get what I’m saying? Black folks have been rallying behind Democrats for what, 50, 60 years now? Yet, nothing’s really changed. So it’s high time for a change, don’t you think?”