Breakthrough COVID-19 Case Highlights Failed Vaccine Campaign

Republican Representative Glenn Thompson tested positive for a breakthrough COVID-19 case, despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. He got tested after experiencing “cold-like symptoms.”

Thompson is now being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Thomson, however, said he was in good spirits.

Breakthrough COVID-19 cases on the rise and more lawmakers are getting infected

A breakthrough COVID-19 case occurs when a fully vaccinated person tests positive for the virus at least two weeks after vaccination.

This is regardless of whether they received a one-dose vaccine or the second dose of a two-shot vaccine. Thomson’s case is the latest in a series of breakthrough COVID-19 cases reported lately in Congress.

On top of this, 17 other members (13 in the House and four in the Senate) also all tested positive for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. Since the start of the pandemic, at least 71 members of the House and 11 senators contracted the virus.

This high number of infections happened despite COVID-19 safety protocols in place, including voting by proxy and a mask mandate.

Why compulsory COVID vaccination is failing under the Biden administration

Thompson’s case once again highlights the ineffectiveness of vaccines for protection against COVID-19; it also highlights why many Americans do not want to take the jab.

It can be noted Biden made COVID-19 vaccination a cardinal point of his administration. He promised to vaccinate 70% of adults by July 4th, but his vaccine campaign has consistently failed.

By mid-April, over three million Americans received a shot every day. However, the number drastically reduced to about 1.2 million per day and less than the aimed figures were achieved by Independence Day.

Many Americans reject Biden’s vaccine policy, due to lack of access, belief in the presence of natural immunity, concerns about the side effects of the vaccines, and little trust in the vaccines or the institutions behind them, experts say.

Although access to vaccines improved in recent months, long distances to vaccine sites and busy or inflexible family/work schedules are major problems. On the other hand, others believe the vaccine is not free for everyone.

Some people also do not see COVID-19 as a serious threat and believe they have immunity strong enough to protect them against the virus.

Meanwhile, Americans have suffered some side effects like aches, fever, and fatigue a day or two after vaccination. Extreme, rare cases have resulted in blood clots.

There are also issues surrounding the potential longterm effects of the vaccines and claims about infertility. All of these factors affect the vaccine hesitancy of the public.

Many of the hesitant lack trust in the efficacy of the vaccines, caused by the Biden administration themselves. This particularly applies to how they ridiculed the COVID vaccine pushed through by former President Trump during the 2020 campaign period.