California Business Owners Say No to Newsom’s Shutdown

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As 2020 comes to a close, the adverse impacts of shutdowns are continuing to materialize. Increases in domestic violence, mental health issues, job loss, and rises in unemployment claims are just the beginning of the negative aftermath. Therefore, lockdowns are progressively becoming more and more unpopular.

“Lockdown Protesters” (Public Domain) by michael_swan

In California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly relied upon shutdowns as a measure he claims is necessary for health reasons. While Californians previously challenged their governor’s edicts in the courts (and sometimes won), the next step appears to be mass noncompliance.

According to Breitbart News, there are a series of California businesses that are operating in spite of Newsom’s lockdown orders.

Why Californians Aren’t Complying with Gov. Newsom’s Shutdown

At this time, multiple restaurants in the Golden State are serving customers outdoors; this, however, remains in breach of Newsom’s mandate for restaurants to only offer delivery and takeout orders. While the owners of these establishments are not currently speaking out, other business owners in similar positions have.

Put simply, takeout and delivery orders, by themselves, are oftentimes not enough to sustain a restaurant. In fact, the ongoing elimination of dining in can actually be enough to put a restaurant out of business. In California (and other parts of the nation), business owners of restaurants rely upon these establishments to support themselves and their families.

Restaurant owners who opt to serve customers outdoors are abiding by some restrictions, though. Reports indicate that social distancing is still present and maintained at these establishments.

The Reaction from Gov. Newsom

Suffice it to say, the California governor is not pleased with the business owners in his state who are acting in defiance of his orders; this comes in spite of the fact that Newsom himself hasn’t always abided by his own directives on face masks or reduced gatherings.

In response to restaurants operating beyond delivery and takeout, the California governor has warned that he may withhold funding from the counties not enforcing his mandates. When Newsom didn’t abide by his mandates, however, he simply stood before the press and apologized.

Across America, more and more individuals have taken to the streets to protest against shutdowns. Others have suggested that mass noncompliance with lockdown orders is the only way to halt tyranny from the government.

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