California County Considers Seceding From State Amid High Crime

It is no secret that California has struggled with high crime rates for quite some time. Much of this crime is fueled by the state’s homelessness crisis, leniency on drugs, and refusal to put in place the necessary reforms.

Communities across California have also embraced measures to defund the police. This certainly didn’t help crime rates go down. However, it did embolden offenders to think they could break the law with little to no repercussions.

However, as California struggles with sky-high crime rates, the consequences keep piling up. Many people have left the state for greener pastures, so much so that California recently lost a seat in the House of Representatives.

Then, there’s San Bernardino County, which is made of residents who are now showing interest in seceding from California altogether, according to Fox News.

Secession From California?

Not too long ago, residents of San Bernardino County approved a ballot initiative that will have officials review the particulars of seceding from the state of California.

As it turns out, the over two million residents in this particular community are not pleased with high taxes, the homelessness crisis, or growing crime rates in California.

Therefore, many living inΒ San Bernardino County are open to the idea of being separate from the rest of the state and all of its subsequent problems.

This talk of seceding from California comes amid growing divisions in America over leadership, policy, and more. Long before the ballot initiative approved by San Bernardino County’s residents, there has been talk here and there about Texas potentially seceding from the union.

An Unlikley Outcome?

While officials of San Bernardino County have been given the go-ahead to review the legal particulars of succession, the likelihood of such a drastic change remains questionable.

For starters, in order for this county to secede, it would need a stamp of approval from the California State Legislature, along with Congress. Garnering these votes is highly unlikely, seeing as California would suffer considerable losses if San Bernardino County were to secede into a different state.

Nevertheless, this ought to be a wake-up call to various California leaders at the state and local levels. They would do well to work on lowering taxes, getting homelessness under control, and bringing down the crime rate.

Although since each of these problems have been plaguing California for years on end now, no one should hold their breath waiting for this to change.

Are you surprised that residents in one of California’s counties are open to potentially seceding from the rest of the state? How do you think the approval of this ballot initiative will impact California as a collective?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.