Candace Owens’ Latest Documentary Exposes BLM and Their Toxic Business Practice

"Candace Owens" by Gage Skidmore

Nashville got to see quite the show last night when Candace Owens’ latest documentary premiered at a star-studded event, leaving thousands shocked with the dirt the Daily Wire host managed to dig up on Black Lives Matter.

The documentary takes a deep dive into the organization’s multi-million dollar siphoning device, as well as BLM’s former Executive Director Patrisse Cullors and the way she’d handled the money from all the donations BLM received over the past two years.

“Candace Owens” by Gage Skidmore

Owens’ “Greatest Lie Ever Sold” premieres in Nashville

Additionally, it presents a more accurate story of who George Floyd was and the circumstances of his death, including dozens of interviews with insiders and experts on the matter.

As a way of honoring the soon-to-be passing of BLM, attendees were advised to show up to the venue wearing all black, symbolizing the death of an organization/movement that lied and cheated its way to prominence in modern media.

Much to no one’s surprise, a decent amount of celebrities showed up to the screening, including Ye West, formerly known as Kanye, and even Kid Rock, as well as dozens of other conservatives surrounding the movement.

Owens was introduced to the crowd by Brandon Tatum, the co-founder of Blexit, after which she’d said her thanks to everyone who made the film possible, receiving a round of applause before the documentary even started.

Owens’ film sheds some much-needed light on BLM

Right before appearing at the venue, Owens also made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain the reason why she decided to make the documentary in the first place, taking a couple of extra stabs at BLM in the process.

Owens stated the organization abused the notion of “black pain” in order to create mass confusion and steal millions of dollars in the process right under everyone’s noses, making it one of the biggest scams in modern history.

King Randall I, the founder of a non-profit teaching young boys to protect and provide for their communities, also made an appearance, claiming Owens’ film to be a “work of art.”

Randall was initially shunned by the black community for the stance he’d taken against BLM, but he hopes the documentary will help clear things up and show everyone the movement’s real colors, which were hiding in plain sight.

With a runtime of around 78 minutes, the film left the audience in awe with everything that was exposed, receiving rounds of applause throughout the screening, That can speak volumes of a movie’s quality.

Once the premiere was finished, Owens and her team were given a standing ovation by the crowd, lasting several minutes and solidifying “The Biggest Lie Ever Sold” as the cornerstone of the fight against BLM, along with the “woke” mob that helped bring the movement to where it’s at right now.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.