CDC Director Googled Her Own Website Live on TV

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), checked the website of her own agency to get crucial information when she was cornered in a live TV broadcast.

Walensky’s behavior depicts the unpreparedness of the CDC

Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) a watchdog group named American for Public Trust (APT) obtained more than 500 pages of Rochelle Walensky’s emails; they revealed her unpreparedness as one of the most important officials of the CDC.

In an email from January 2021, the director appreciated her staff member for the “cover” once she asked for information to get out of the troubling situation on live television.

Likewise, another email from February 2021 indicated Walensky made a quick stealth search on her own agency’s website to find the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI), despite the fact she was informed about the topic before the live meeting.

SVI is a tool used by the CDC to access equity-focused disaster assistance so racial inequality can be eradicated from healthcare practices.

In that email message, the director thanked her staff for “scrambling” at the right moment; however, she claimed she got the information by googling it herself.

According to Walensky, she never googled anything during her live TV appearance, so this was her first time.

CDC releasing politicized messages during the pandemic

Meanwhile, the APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland told Fox News these emails suggested a “pattern of disarray,” which is consistent with the type of politicized messaging coming from the CDC.

For Sutherland, this behavior of the CDC director of googling information of her own agency was not surprising; she noted the same director relied on the teacher unions for writing school reopening guidance.

However, Walensky’s spokesman defended her while writing an email to Fox News on Thursday. According to him, some contextual information was missing from her emails; when she was preparing for her interview on live television, she was only three weeks on her job.

Jason McDonald, a public affairs specialist at the CDC and the spokesman of the agency, acknowledged the interview producer informed Walensky about the discussion on the SVI during the live broadcast.

He also admitted the doctor asked the agency about different indicators which make up the index. However, she was unable to get that information, due to the lack of time.

Therefore, she hurriedly left for the interview, which prompted her to use the search engine.

According to Fox News, the emails reveal the unpreparedness and dysfunction prevalent in the top health agency of the Biden administration.

In addition to this, the conservative news channel also blamed the administration for being in chaos during the coronavirus outbreak, as Democrats claim to pursue racial justice in their healthcare response.