Change of Heart: Blinken Calls Biden’s Agenda “Authoritative”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken discouraged the draft material of Biden’s made commission to expand the Supreme Court (and the idea of court-packing), labeling it an authoritative measure.

Antony Blinken opposed Biden’s idea of expanding the court

During his speech in Ecuador on Tuesday, Blinken said despite coming to power through constitutional means, many leaders are drifting away slowly from the very same constitutional practices.

By denying press freedom, court independence, and threatening political rivals, the stakeholders of many democracies are undermining their constitutions. Blinken also added many leaders are relying on anti-democratic practices of packing the court and eliminating term limits.

Biden is a firm advocate of expanding the Supreme Court to redefine its ideological structure. As a matter of fact, Biden even built his election campaign on this narrative and therefore won endorsements from many liberals.

Biden’s own commission discouraged court packing

Recently, Biden formed a commission to study the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court. Although the commission has not reached a conclusion yet, its draft indicates Biden’s made commission itself signified that packing the court is a poor idea.

The draft noted any attempt to pack the court right now would kick off a series of expansions in the upcoming years. It added when political parties win congressional majorities in the future, they will have an opportunity to influence the number of justices in the court.

Likewise, the draft material read the number of Supreme Court justices could be increased by up to 39 in the next 50 years. Similarly, it also added if the Biden administration sets a precedence of court expansion, the number of court justices could reach 63 in the next century.

The commission acknowledged the measure of court packing is a step from an authoritative leader who wants to weaken the checks-and-balances system within the United States.

According to the draft material, the US can learn by seeing the examples of other countries. It noted Venezuela expanded the size of its constitutional court from 20 to 32, ultimately destroying judicial independence.

Despite the fact the commission has opposed the very idea of court expansion, far-left Democrats are still endorsing the concept. Democrats are asserting that compromising on the integrity of democracy is acceptable, as long as it is done to promote liberal agendas.

Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said by increasing the number of justices, Democrats are trying to unpack the court, which is currently packed.

Democrats are now depending on increasing the number of Supreme Court justices to promote Biden’s agenda. That’s because six conservative justices in the highest court right now are hindering Biden’s authoritative measures in big numbers.

Expanding the US Supreme Court is not a popular practice; the current number of justices, i.e., 9, was set in 1869. Since then, no government has tried to expand the court. However, Biden is doing it religiously to save himself from political humiliation.